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Carnival of Homeschooling October 1, 2013

Welcome to this 405th edition of the Carnival of Homeschooling! I haven't read the Carnival from the beginning; I started reading round about the 350th one.  LOL  It's my time! It's your time too.  This is the time that I am focused on homeschooling my kids and on reading as much as I can about providing the best experience that I can for them. It's my time!

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  • Jennifer Needham of Time4Learning Community Blog sent this blog post on the use of lapbooks in homeschooling. I am completely unfamiliar with lapbooking, but this link will take you to a blog post on lapbooking a nutrition lesson. Let me know what you think! I don't think the post truly fits this carnival, but others on that site do, so I thought I'd pass it along.  Check out the post called Socialization, Seriously!?
  • Tara at Organized SAHM has been taking her homeschooling blog readers through the alphabet in a continuing series called Preschool Homeschool (A-Z) for her preschooler and she is up to one of my favorite letters: J! You will enjoy her Jack-o-lantern themed post. Tara is homeschooling mom to four Little Things, ages 8 month to 8 years. She writes about budgeting, recipes, sewing, and homeschooling. So check her out and subscribe for her regular blog updates!
  • Rebecca at Down a Rabbit Trail:  Interest-Led Learning with a Charlotte Mason Flair blog is a second generation unschooling mother of three who writes as a woman in love with life and learning! For a beautiful example of true child-led learning, read any of her posts about surprises of the day and recognizing their value.

    Her contribution to today's carnival is a magnificently-crafted post called
    Fabric Scraps, Glitter & Puffy Foam Stickers:  What We Leave Behind. I'll bet that many of us could write a post with this post's message. And maybe we should. 
    Rebecca, thank you for sharing this one; I would hate to have missed it! Another post I highly recommend giving a read to is called Back to (Un)School, that post we all feel, even if we don't write it, at the beginning of the school year. And, lastly, Rebecca recently hosted a blog carnival called the Hearts for Home Weekly Blog Hop!
    Now doesn't that sound interesting?!
  • At the blog Tea Time with Annie Kate, the eponymously named blog by Annie Kate, I was reminded why these carnivals are so awesome! This blog is worth watching!  Annie Kate submitted a post called You, Your Teen's Guidance Counselor. Anyone with homeschooling teens will appreciate this post as she has put down the necessary steps that we, the parents, need to take to get our teens from homeschooling to university-ready!

    Here is another post by Annie Kate on strewing called Leave Some Good Books Lying Around. LOVE IT - this is a woman after my own heart. Thank you so much, AK, for participating this week!
  • Jennifer Saska, a software professional offered this piece to homeschooling parents called Do More With Software:  Teaching Reading Fluency with Podcasts. This post seems to be a marketing tool for a book. Generally I would not include this type of a post in this carnival, but I thought someone might appreciate the resource. 
  • Henry Cate, owner of Why Homeschool blog and founder of this carnival, offers a post called Introducing Homeschoolers to Toastmasters on Toastmasters, the public speaking hobby group that offers learn-by-doing workshops that develop leadership skills and skills of communicating effectively. Read his post! I can also highly recommend Toastmasters as a group as well as an idea for a co op! We did a Toastmasters co op group one time and the feedback and opportunity for speaking in public were highly informative!


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