Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Homeschooling in Australia: Surf Class!

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This morning was John's second surf class. 
The class is down at a gorgeous beach called Currumbin Beach.  The weather was quite breezy and beautiful and absolutely perfect, as usual.  It was about 85 degrees F with with enough cloud cover to keep it from getting too hot from the sun.  I doubt I will ever ever complain about the weather here.  It's just too perfect.
Today was no different.  The events of the day were simply All Aussie.  We had waves, whales, and witty friends!
Last week at the first surfing class the tide was in and the kids were taking their lessons in this lovely, mild little cove. Today the tide was out and the lessons were much further out and not quite as mild. But the water is still only about waste-high at its deepest.  John struggled to get onto the board, but he finally did hang himself some ten!

During the lesson, a pod of whales was spotted off in the distance, maybe half a kilometer away...quite close! We saw at least three adults and one baby! I tried getting some video; finally got some in another spot down the beach. In the meantime, I did get a few good flukes on some pics.
I love this shot because you can see how close they were!  Notice the surfer in the foreground?

Off in the distance behind the surfers you can see the town of Surfer's Paradise, sitting like a gem in the distance!  No camera I know of could capture the beauty of this view!  But I've tried!  The beaches in Surfer's Paradise are stunning.
That is John, second from the left
Here at Currumbin is this amazing finger of land sticking out into the water creating a lovely, safe, gentle beach. At the end of that finger of land is a HUGE stone and plenty of tidal pools. It is a gorgeous place, hey.  As usual, there is no way to capture the grandeur of this huge stone.
See the kid climbing on the rock?

Now see how large and remarkable it is?
It was a LOVELY day for whale watching from the beach!
After the lesson the kids hung out on the beach and in the water, exchanged Facebook and Tumblr information, and planned on a movie this coming Friday.
 Welcome to readers in Thailand and Canada!
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  1. Oh what an amazing time! It sounds just magical, especially with the whales. My kids have inherited my love of the ocean, which is not sated nearly often enough in landlocked Minnesota. Your pictures make me sigh heavily! :)

    1. *SMILE!*
      Wait until I post pictures from our trip to will not believe it!
      We are here NOW. When I get back to Brisbane and have some time, I will post some pics that will show you what we are doing down here...
      We are LOVING it!

      So Nice to see you again.

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