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Why oh why are there so many Christian movies on at the mainstream movie theaters this spring? Where are the new and original screenplays, Hollywood? I'm not at all thrilled with the repeating super hero stories either.  BOOOOOORing!!! PLEASE, let's get something original out there!  But these Christian flicks bombarding moviedom, what is that all about? 
Maybe I've been out of the country too long and haven't been on the look out!  Come on folks!
I have loved some Christian films in my life. In 1956 the blockbuster Charlton Heston starred in The Ten Commandments. Oh yes, gorgeous Charlie. Yul Brenner as Pharaoh Ramses I still gives me the shivers, Moses as a sweating laborer is still amazingly... forceful,  and Ann Bancroft as Nefrateri was unbelievably beautiful. Oh Moses, Moses

But why in the world did God always harden the hearts of people? As I kid I would think, but that's not fair! That guy didn't get a chance to be GOOD.
What's not to love???
I used to really love the four hours of Ben Hur, again with the Charlie Heston. I know that I didn't really get that movie as a kid, but I still loved it. I watched it with Mom and I always asked the same question that she could not answer:  Why did God always harden the hearts of people?
I also loved Godspell. Man O MAN did I love that movie! I could sing BOTH parts of All For the Best, oh yes. This film is one that reminds me of great teen moments as well as wonderful singing events with my sister Linda.  *grin*
Cecil B. DeMille notwithstanding, the religious movies have seldom been this mainstream. (OK, OK, JCSuperstar was quite a huge flick and I loved Godspell. And The Passion of Christ was huge; so maybe I'm wrong.) The religious-themed movies are out there of course, just...what's with the swamp??? I'm just saying, I'm feeling a bit put out.
The other day my daughter and a friend went to see Noah. By way of explanation as to the choice of movies for a date she said, Hey I have to understand the opposing point of view, don't I?!  Upon her return home she didn't have much to say.  Her only comment was, If this story is so important to them why is Noah such a douche
I remember years ago when The Passion of the Christ came out and the public outcry was huge. This is NOT what Jesus said. Jesus would NOT do that, the critics would say.  LOL  The interesting thing about that entire debate was that I could totally relate to that totally imperfect Jesus from that movie. I appreciated it that he struggled with sinning. I related to his totally human need to sin with MM and to let this cup totally pass him by. It wasn't a good movie; it wasn't compelling. But my thought at the time was that no one else that I talked to at the time felt the way that I did. I totally knew then that I was going to always be the odd man out with my opinions. Totally.

The "knowledge" that I have about Noah comes from a Christian friend's Facebook feed one day when she and her friends were all talking about the things that the movie got wrong. I was so entertained! Otherwise I have no interest in the movie and have no plan on purchasing tickets for it. I might be willing to watch it when it gets to Netflicks just so that I know what it is all about. But there are so many great movies out there that I just might not get to it. 

Noah, Son of God, Fireproof, Heaven is for Real, and God is not Dead are the current Christian flicks on the market. Will you see them? Have you seen them? What is your opinion.
Still my All Time Fav Meme

Addendum:  OH, EASTER! That's why NOW.

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  1. No, no, no, no, and hell no. Fireproof is on Amazon or Netflix I can't remember which. I almost watch it just to see, but I couldn't get past Mr. Circumnavigate the Intellect. I think it's all bullshit and the huge increase in movies is a knee-jerk reaction to Christianity slowly losing its foot hold on America. More and more young people are leaving organized religion, especially fundie Christianity, they have to appeal to the younger generation and movies are an easy way to do that. It also explains some of the music out too that is subtly Christian -and not so subtle-. From what I've gathered about a couple of the movies they are gateways to some really off the wall thinking -beyond the craziness that is belief-. Some in-laws have been really into them and they are just spewing some fucking insane shit -like celebrities are part of the Illuminati and the world is coming to an end-. Just fucking CRAZY!! Hopefully logic prevails over the increase in crazy so it can return to the dark ages from wince it came.

  2. LOVE your blog! The movie 'Noah' was actually created by an atheist! There's been a huge uproar from the Christian community about it. I have yet to see it, but my 'non believer' friends went to see it in theaters and they loved it! You just have to look at it any other 'story turned movie'.

  3. I just went out with a friend and saw "Mom's Night Out"......VERY RELIGIOUS. Did you know?


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