Sunday, January 12, 2014

Moments of Reflection

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I've been thinking about something for a few months and 
after a few nights of serious pondering 
I finally have the words to post clearly about it. 

When I see my web presence it is almost all based on a negative. Atheist, I am an atheist. I do NOT believe in a god. I'm not saying that being an atheist is a negative; I'm saying that I seem to be basing my online identity on a thing that I do not believe. I think of myself as a positive person. I like to focus on what works and I like to give attention to the good things. Yet here I am being an anti-...

On the other hand, I want to be an atheist voice out there, a calm place for the non-believer, a person willing to put myself on the line for something that I strongly support. I believe in people and I need to focus on people. It is just who I am. Grass roots and essential, practical, specific.

As time goes on I feel it essential to be out and proud as an atheist and human solutions. Even if I am misunderstood, even if I accidentally wander into the cynicism, even if I forget my other focuses for awhile, even if I find it a difficult row to hoe, I feel that it is essential to do this.

I have considered changing the name of my blog and the memes and whatnot to focus on positivity, rather than on a negative a-theist, no god. But it makes me happy knowing that people find my blog because of the search for atheist. People have come here because of the unabashed use of atheist

My final decision at this particular point is to keep the atheist in the title, because it is accurate. I also continue to increase a use of alternate words such as freethinker, secular, humanist because those are accurate too.

WHY do I have to verbalize these internal struggles?
I am that annoying person who has to be out and honest and ethical and authentic and full of integrity. It's just a thing.

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  1. I'm a vegetarian. That's also basically a negative (I DON'T eat animals), but I have never felt the need to relabel myself a "pro-plant-based-dieter" ;) Vegetarian as a label is meaningful only because it represents a minority. If meat eating wasn't the norm I wouldn't need to have a label for myself as part of the majority.


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