Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The 10 Most-Read Posts on my Blog this Year

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Just to remind myself what really brings readers to my blog, and to bring myself back to center, here is a list of the top blog posts that readers visited here this year.

#10 ~ Homeschoolers are Weird:  this  post was written by my daughter and addressed that all too common and insistent epithet Homeschoolers are WEIRD!

#9 ~ My Thirteen Tips for Parenting your Strong-Willed Teen:  as promised, this post is my long, long, long list of what has worked for me with my daughter. My daughter loves this post!

#8 ~ Top Ten Reasons Why Atheists Suck Redux:  I'm not surprised that this one is well-read.  It is in response to a ridiculous piece of anti-atheist rhetoric going around the web, along with my responses to the claims of the piece.  Later someone told me that the original post was a fake.

#7 ~ How to Explain Religion to My Child is a post that is a letter from a reader with my response.  In a way, it was a part of why I decided that I could do some other work on atheist sites by writing parenting posts...

#6 ~ The Case Against Homeschooling is a post that is from July 2011, and yet it still brings the naysayers out of the woodwork.  So, for those people who so often ask me Why do you keep saying that people are against homeschooling?, I offer this one!

#5 ~ Ten Facts About How We Homeschool is a slightly tongue-in-cheek post about what you would see if you were in our house for 24 hours.

#4 ~ Nine Disadvantages of Homeschooling is another PROOF POSITIVE that people are still out there looking for the argument as to why they are SO RIGHT about being anti-homeschooling.  This post is the first post that at least 1500 people read on my blog this year.

#3 ~ Evolution Myths Busted is a bit of a tirade post where I simply can't believe how many adults still buy the creation thing. Nice to know that over 1800 people found their way here because they were looking for something like this.

#2 ~ Lighting a Fire is just a quotation that hit me...and attracted almost 2000 people to this blog.  Maybe I should have talked about the quote a bit?  LOL  And...

#1 ~ Homeschooling Strategies, waaaay out in the lead with thousands of hits, this post is probably what many readers are looking for.  I can write more like this, I guess, if I can think of some know...strategies. This post was also written in response to a question from a reader.

Hey, do you have any questions?!

For the most part, I think of my blog like a microcosm of friends and like-minded people just out here in the blogosphere hanging out...thinking...  It's not about wanting to increase my readership or anything to do with marketing my blog or anything like that.  
It's just about thinking about stuff...

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