Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why I Worry

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  • I don't fully understand politics or rhetoric, so I'm easy to fool at times.
  • I want to think well of people...so I'm easy to fool at times.
  • I'm on Facebook too much and it affects my mood when the drama takes over.
  • I'm not actively learning anything structured and my mind feels mushy.
  • I have a terrible memory and I can't remember things that I say to people, but this is not new.
  • Even though I have had an x-ray and I am on crutches my ankle still hurts at times.
  • I think I was kind of boring growing up because I wasn't much of a risk taker.
  • When we start packing for our trip back home to the US we won't have enough room in our luggage for all of our stuff.
  • I'll forget some of the things we did in Aussie.
  • I worry I'll get to the end of Breaking Bad on Netflix and the last six episodes won't be available to me free online.
  • I am seriously annoyed with certain personality types and it is getting harder and harder to act like I'm not.
  • I've been living here in Australia for almost a year and a half and I still can't understand a heavy Aussie accent, especially sports announcers on cricket games.
  • When my PMS kicks up I tend to push friends away with my behavior.
  • There are alot of people who don't like me or who find me annoying.
  • Our travel time home will take 24 hours!
  • I am so generous that I actually annoy my husband at times.
  • I never feel comfortable when I have to dress up.
  • I don't like to exercise.
  • One day Elizabeth will realize that I don't really remember all of her favorite music, I'm just pretending.
  • Maybe I really should be living in Paris, like that Facebook quiz said.
  • I worry about people being misinformed...or choosing to remain misinformed.
  • I worry about people living in poverty with no help on the way.
  • I worry about Republicans and Conservatives having too much power in the US.
  • I worry about all of the pressure on teens and how they will be affected by social media and other social pressures.
  • I worry about all of those women and men living in abusive relationships.
  • I worry about getting Alzheimer disease.
  • On one hand I am too wishy-washy; on the other hand I may be too outspoken.
  • I worry there may be more Mission Impossible movies coming up. Or more movies with Nicholas Cage...
  • I worry about messing my kids up.
  • I worry about how much I'm worrying...

But I'm OK, just worrying out loud a bit...mostly tongue-in-cheek.

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