Saturday, January 11, 2014

Our Aussie Treasures

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So, as you may know, we will be leaving beautiful Brisbane in just a few short weeks.  We are thinking often about our trip home. What will we take?  How will we pack?  What will we do when we get home?  What will we miss about Brisbane?  What are we looking forward to when we get back home? What has been our favorite part of being here? What do we need to do to close down the house? How will we move on after leaving everything here? What are we taking home with us and what are we leaving here?

Some of these questions have such long, full answers. Some have no answers...

The other day, the kids and I were thinking about those things that we will be taking home with us that our favorite things from our time here in Brisbane.  I asked the kids to give it some thought and to gather up their singularly favorite things from our time here. I think you will see that all of the things are all things that contain more meaning than monetary value.

Elizabeth received this great Doctor Who scarf for her birthday 
from some very special friends.
She wears it often and really loves it.

While down here in Brisbane, John has gotten into the card game Vangard.
I gave him a huge collection of cards and he plays with them often.

Aussie teen mags, all shared with friends at sleepovers.
Elizabeth has like thirty pounds of these things, all coming home with us!

These are all silly gifts from a party. 
John considers the party as the highlight of his time here.

Elizabeth got this little blue speaker from her mom for Christmas.
If you have a child who lives music, you understand.

While in Melbourne, John and I went on a tour down to see the Little Penguins
It was a highlight of our LIVES!
He bought himself this little penguin from the gift shop at the end of the evening,
keeping the tour bus waiting.  LOL
He felt awful for keeping the bus waiting, but everyone on board was like, 
"Nice penguin, Mate!"

John got this little Build-a-Bear bear from his sister when he was feeling down.

This is a small collection of some of Elizabeth's favorite costume jewelry.
Mostly gifts from beloved friends.

Just a close up of two of her favorite necklaces

Liz and her turtle from her sister, Jessica.

Elizabeth's guiter, River.  
Signed by Harrison Craig!

Elizabeth's favorite shoes!  lol
She wanted these darn things for over a year.
She wears them with long skirts and manages to look SO cute and cool!

John got this underwater camera for Christmas.
It is SUPER cool!
Excellent for use while surfing.

John got himself this cool cheap Asian scroll from my favorite shop down here.

You never know what will be a treasure. Some of our favorite things are seed pods we've found, gorgeous shells, rocks, silly tshirts, etc. (Most of which I can't even bring home!) What makes a thing a real treasure is the feeling and the thought behind them.

We have lots of treasure that we are taking home with us...mostly memories.

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One day I'll post some of MY treasures!!!

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  1. oh no only a few weeks! We were thinking of a trip to Brisbane in a few months, I would have hit you up for a tea/coffee/beverage somewhere! Wish I'd found your blog sooner so I could have said hi when you came down to Melbourne. Those are great treasures there to take home :)


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