Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Anti-Intellectualism and SecTv's Atheist Teen Roundtable

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In case you haven't heard, I am producing a show on SecularTv on youtube called Atheist Teen Roundtable. It's been difficult keeping the show going at times for a variety of reasons. I have never produced a show before (Except for my own: Brunch with The Secular Parents) so I'm not all together certain what to do to improve the show, but I'm working on it!

The show is an open panel discussion between 3-6 kids, it varies from week to week. We have had some turn over of kids, though there is a central core of three kids who have been there from the beginning. They are working very hard on learning to lead a discussion, how to run a show, how to interview, etc and that work really shows as time goes on. I'm very proud of both John and Elizabeth in this last show. WOW, they sound great.

We are interviewing kids/teens who are interested in joining our Atheist Teen Roundtable. If your teen is interested in talking to us about being on the show, they need to contact me at:

Interested teens should be: a TEEN, be able to commit to show times (Friday nights between 9pm and 11:30pm CST), be able to hold your own in a conversation, be informed enough to join in the conversation or be willing to prep for the show, and have audio/video capabilities.

Anyway, last week the kids did a show on Anti-intellectualism and I thought the show was interesting. Would you give the show a listen? I could use feedback in several different ways. 
  • How can we improve the show?
  • How can I get a few more teens interested in being on our panel?
  • What are some good topics for the show?
  • What are the good parts of the show?
  • What sucks?
  • Would your teens listen?
  • Would you WANT your teens to listen?
The show is about 45 minutes long, contains profanity, and has some dead air.  LOL
I have a few other episodes of this show that I also found pretty good shows. I'll list a few in case you want to give a listen. 
If you take on my challenge, THANK YOU, I truly could use some input.

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