Saturday, October 31, 2015

We Need a Word Worse than F*@K

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So I've got teens.
Three teens in this house who play games too late into the night, who are online with friends and strangers playing RPGs (Role Playing Games), and who have their own language and culture right here in our home. The entire conversation during gaming times is totally different than at other times of the day. Their sound is loud, lively, exclusive, and often lowbrow.

The eff word, and any word, is welcome in my house.
Many years ago my husband and I decided that use of language is a lesson and we would allow all language under our roof. Nearly every conversation over the past fifteen years have been a lesson in some way. The kids have often used words that have challenged this guideline by which we live and have pushed the envelope. We have had many, many conversations about the power of words inform the kids and how they speak. It's all about self-determination and the power of language.

Because there is no forbidden word in my house I have heard stuff come out of the mouths of my kids that I thought never to hear. Words that, when I was a kid, were SO forbidden that we never even thought to say them. On a side note, because of our online world and our freedom of language it has been interesting to hear taboo words going into and out of style; it seems that the language of what is considered profane has a fairly short life.

The other day the kids were talking about four letter words and how old so many of the words and expressions are. The kids were tired of the fact that most so-called swear words refer to religion or to the human body and the kids were making a point that those words were no longer powerful in our contemporary world. These words were given to us and we were told that they are dirty. We disagree.
Honestly, when the kids figured this out I was pretty impressed.

They offer these words and phrases as alternatives to today's curse words. I wish I could remember all of the suggestions that they came up with because they were stellar insults!
  • You are the human embodiment of Comic Sans.
  • When I think of you I think of Internet Explorer.
  • Fart munch.
  • Glitter Letter
  • You're more of a disappointment than stained stainless steel.
  • You off-brand Special K
  • You are the chocolate chip cookie that, when you bit into it, is actually raisin.

What do you do about profanity?
What do you consider profane?

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