Sunday, April 10, 2016

Grand Canyon

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For many years now I have had one thing on the top of my bucket list: seeing The Grand Canyon. I've been trying to light a fire under the kids, hoping they would also be excited about such a trip. But everything bores them.

Turns out, they have to experience things first, the excitement for it comes second.

That is why, I'm delighted to report, we will be taking a trip to Arizona this week! We have plans for many things, The Canyon heading my list.

At this point the kids aren't that excited for our trip. But imagine how they will respond when they see Meteor Crater for the first time. And the Painted Desert. An Anasazi settlement. The Petrified Forest... Imagine being the lucky one who gets to share those things with these kids. I'm thrilled and I thank my wonderful husband so much for his love and generosity with regards to this trip.

I'm certain I'll have some pictures to share in just a few days...stay tuned!

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