Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Homeschool High School: Dual Enrollment

homeschooling high school

My daughter has been dually-enrolled for the last year and a half in the local community college. In our state homeschoolers over the age of sixteen can enroll in college courses while still homeschooling and those courses can count towards their high school diploma. The term Dual Enrollment simply means that most courses from the community college count toward the homeschool diploma and also count toward college credit. 

One of my favorite things about Elizabeth being dually-enrolled (and John soon-to-be) is that those upper-level math courses that I am unable to teach can still be available to my kids. I'm so relieved for them to have competent, capable algebraic instruction, something I am entirely unable to provide.
Because I don't get it and don't care because I will never get it. I don't have to feel bad about that anymore.
Anyway, I have no idea how these dual-enrollment classes might affect a student's ability to get financial aid or admittance to an ivy league college. I only know that for a very reasonable price, my daughter has attained her high school equivalency diploma without being disadvantaged by my mathematical limitations.

During Elizabeth's dual enrollment period she took classes of Algebra, Theater, composition and English, Phys Ed, Music Theory, Psychology, various Literatures, and a few other courses, all of which assisted in her completion of her high school matriculation requirements.

And that means that the time eventually came when I had to create a high school transcript for her in order to make her a full-time student at the college. Enter, math. Drat, that stuff is always around...

High School Electives

Stay tuned, also, for suggestions for electives and life skill lesson ideas.

Creating a Transcript

Stay tuned for a future post explaining how to create a nice high school transcript for your child.

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  1. I love high school electives! Having graduated one son with two still in high school, I am a firm believer in maintaining an interest-led homeschool environment through the high school years as much as possible. I opted online high school for them so that I can customize my sons education, tailoring it to fit their interests and aptitudes.


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