Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Homeschooling Through High School

My daughter and I have been working hard at creating a plan for her first year in high school. Yes, she is now a FRESHMAN!
We have pulled together a plan that includes these, her class choices for the first semester:
  • English 1
  • Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1
  • Physical Science
  • Writing for Publication
  • Civics
  • French 
  • Korean
  • Theater
She might have taken on more than she can handle.  On the other hand, she's been working hard on THEATER this summer and will have earned at least half of the requirements for that course by the end of August.
We sat down together to figure out which courses she would pursue and how she would pursue them.  We have come up with many interesting activities and with much cool work to fulfill requirements for each course.

We are determined and have done enough research and planning that we think this, her first semester of high school will be a success.  The internet has so many wonderful resources.  Here are a few that we plan on using:

So, wish us luck.  
My daughter tends to prefer work that she can do with me. But she reads and writes very well independently. One of the first things we have been covering is good study skills, researching skills, and keeping focus when the going gets rough. Her problem isn't that she can't learn. It's that she doesn't want to learn. Keeping her focused and motivated is the REAL challenge. 
I know that she remains motivated when I stay involved. We are also instigating limits on all screen devices and all electronic devices. This will not be met with happiness and joy joy, but it is a necessary step towards getting good study habits back.
I do intend to remain her partner in the learning process. Why not?  It's a blast!

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