Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ten Things I'm Grateful For

Time is just RUSHING by during these busy months of summer.  Our calendar is as hot at the summer here in St. Louis.  And that's HOT!

St. Louis is under heat warnings constantly and we're constantly having to go go go out into it.  But we are all healthy, happy, and busy.  So, although the news lately has been terrible with the horrifying Norwegian nut massacring students for his religious and political beliefs to Afghan news day to day, I find that my family is doing great.  And I'm grateful.  So grateful, in fact, that I have decided to post the top ten things for which I am feeling thankful. 

  1. The continued health of my family.
  2. The fact that we are financially solvent and stable in these difficult times.
  3. That we have friends who are pretty freaking amazing.
  4. That my children have not experienced any frightening and painful accidents.  (NOT the same as #1)
  5. That Elizabeth and I seem to be on the same page (for once) where her high schooling lessons are concerned.
  6. That my children and I have wonderful, open, and truthful relationships.  (for now)
  7. That Jerry and I have a relationship of trust and openness and FUN.
  8. That we have enough that we can offer assistance to others.
  9. Netflix
  10. The library
That's it.  We are healthy, we have plenty, we are together.
I hope all is well where you are.
And, if they are, add a few gratitude statements of your own!

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