Monday, June 23, 2014

It's the PITTS

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John and I are visiting some friends in Pittsburgh and are having a wonderful time!

You know that idea where you can tell what kind of a person someone is by looking at their books? If you check out the bookshelves of my friend Julie you would totally want to be her friend! She has interesting books of so many genre'; I always find new titles here. I always pick up a random book and wonder Where does she get these books?! What are her secret resources for this stuff?!

Her daughter has me reading H.P. Lovecraft and I'm all like WOW, this man can write! His use of language is somehow beautifully description, freaky and horrific, and compelling. If you have any Lovecraft to recommend me, I'm all ears!

This afternoon we just returned from a junk store where the books were ninety-five cents!  I bought a couple of books that were originally over forty bucks! My only problem, as all travelers know, how to get them home?????

Anyway, Julie has the best reading collection ever. She is incredibly resourceful and is willing to read books outside of her comfort zone and outside of the box. She and the kids are at the library at least twice a week, visit bookstores of every ilk, and bring home amazing treasures. I LOVE her bookshelves, and I adore her!

You would too.

Julie and I met years ago as new homeschoolers. We lived about an hour apart and were willing to make that drive often. Now, living an eight hour car drive apart, we are still willing to make that trip often because our boys ADORE one another! We barely even hear from them unless they are hungry.  LOL

Do you have a Julie in your life???

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