Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Do What Needs Doing

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What needs doing?
  • Illnesses need healing
  • People need justice
  • We need global peace
  • People need clean water
  • Travel needs to be cleaner and safer
  • Families need to have basic resources
  • Advanced education needs to be available to all
  • Families need access to good health care
  • Politics needs to be honest, efficient, and robust
  • People's hearts need to be compassionate
  • All people need adequate housing and shelter
  • Alternative energy sources need to be discovered and perfected
  • Global Climate Change needs to be halted and reversed
  • Massive global overpopulation needs to be controlled and reduced
  • Enormous economic inequity needs to be managed
  • Community infrastructures need to be bolstered and safe
  • Communities need to be safe
  • We need a better understanding of our earth
  • We need to understand Earth's inter connectivity with our solar system
  • Information needs to be available to all
  • All people need to be treated equally and fairly
  • Our environment needs to be clean
  • Plants and animals need to stop being weighed and sacrificed for human perceived needs or consumption
  • Each human on earth needs to have the same rights
  • People need strong familial support systems
  • All people around the globe need an appreciation for the complex connections between all natural systems
  • We need to accept, respect, and celebrate all of the differences in our species
  • We need peaceful efforts to end generational conflicts
  • We need to give the next generations of our species roots and wings
  • We need to make sure that this earth is cared for
  • We need to acknowledge that our global resources are not infinite and, therefore, require thoughtful preservation, use, distribution, maintenance, and adequate time for renewal
  • All sources of human power and authority needs to be transparent, trustworthy, and untainted by human folly
  • We need to support research aimed at medical and scientific advancement
  • We need to prepare our children to do better than we have done
  • And there is more!

Do What Needs Doing!

In all ways, if you can support these needs for our globe and all who share this globe, you must! Be it through advancing your education so that you can participate in the creation of solutions, be in in exploring your own sense of entitlement and figuring out how to discard it, be it in the distribution of accurate information, be it in training those who will perform necessary jobs, be it in sustainable and ethical leadership, be it in all forms of research and implementation of cleaner resources, be it in support of reduced population efforts, be it in support of social justice and it's efforts globally, be it through an appreciation for the finite nature of our beautiful water, be it in the peace-making fields, you must be a part of the solution.

Even Though You are Only One Person

Be it in providing the best parenting that you are capable of providing, be it in donating to and supporting all efforts to improve our neighborhoods and communities and cities and states and nations and our world, be it in supporting all peacemakers and humanitarians, be it in becoming a peacemaker and a humanitarian, be it in fighting for the rights of the disenfranchised, be it in managing the waste of your own household, be it in answering the call for assistance whenever you are able, be it in recognizing that national boundaries do not keep us from being in this together, be it in making an effort to inform yourself from reputable sources, be it in becoming a healthcare provider or a worker for social equality or a principled journalist or a transportation provider or an organic farmer or a person who cleans up creeks, be it in questioning those practices that oppose global cleanliness, you must join in and do it!

Though You Yourself are in Need!

Be it in being open with your skepticism and rejection of all institutional efforts to control the hearts and minds of people, be it in being a part of the researchers who develop clean and sustainable resources for our lives, be it in working for financial equity for all, be it in supporting all legislative efforts to make advanced education more affordable and medical care more accessible, be it in questioning your own assumptions of superiority or worthiness, be it in doubting all messages of personal powerlessness, be it in supporting all initiatives to clean water and air, be it in becoming politically active, be it in supporting efforts for safe and clean public transportation, be it in building sustainable gardens in your home and community, be it in offering support to ailing individuals or nations, be it in challenging all personal or national ideologies of anyone being more deserving or more meritorious than any other person or nation, be it in providing compassionate and quality mental health care to those who need it, you must do your part!
Happy 17th!

There is no effort that is too small.

We are it.
There is no help coming from afar.
It is up to us to save this planet and our species.
It is up to us to become beneficent and wise with regards to our interconnected lives here on this beautiful and finite planet.

Do what needs doing.

I am very concerned about the people who have lived in the luxury of seeing the world as infinite, or, conversely, in only seeing the world as the small plot of community in your view. I know people who actually think that our world is resilient enough to handle the massive chemical dumps, the tremendous overpopulation, and the threatening climate changes. I know people who live with their heads in the sand. Who don't see the devastation in their own town and so they think that the trouble is over there...

We no longer have this luxury.

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