Friday, July 18, 2014

Definition: The Formal Statement of the Meaning of a Word

I am still Homeschool Atheist Momma!

Tonight I was just clicking around the internet as I gathered my thoughts for another blog post that I was working on so I went to a thesaurus page and typed in the word Christian.
Can you guess what synonyms were offered for that word?

moral, righteous, honest, honorable, principled, proper, clean, conscientious, correct, decent, elevated, equitable, fair, fitting, good, high-principled, just, kosher, moralistic, noble, respectable, right, right-minded, square, straight, true blue, upright, upstanding

Well, that just got me to wondering...

The synonyms for atheist are:
nonbeliever, free thinker, infidel, agnostic, pagan, skeptic, heathen, irreligionist, gentile, heathen, heretic, non worshiper, unbeliever, iconoclast, idolater, idolist, scoffer, apostate, cynic, undogmatic, doubter, doubting Thomas, materialist, misanthrope, misbeliever, nihilist, pessimist, profaner, questioner, rationalist, libertine

I must say, I am quite OK with those words for atheist, though I can't say the same for, but the synonyms for Christian are a bit much, don't you think?  

I mean, GEEZ, I'm clean!


  1. Interesting point! Reads as if all of it was written by a "believer". Amazing how one is painted to be so positive and the other so negative :( Danica

    1. I KNOW!
      The Atheist definition is either neutral or negative.


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