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My Writing Process Blog Tour

I am still Homeschool Atheist Momma!
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I am happy to be mentioned by fellow blogger Danica on her blog Danica's Thoughts where she asked me to participate in a blog tour called #mywritingprocess. Please check out  Danica's blog, Danica's Thoughts for a nice read. Her post My Writing Process will be especially interesting to other bloggers.

Who is Danica? She's a fellow blogger who lives in the Netherlands and who dreams of making it big as a writer one day. Check out her blog if you have some time. And someone please encourage that woman to post some of her writing!!!  

COURAGE, Danica!

Each person participating in this illustrious blog tour must answer four questions. Hopefully after reading this, you will have an informative manuscript of my writing journey. Are you ready? Come with on in, grab a cuppa, and off we go:

1)    What am I working on? 

I'm working on a few different atheist sites, submitting articles weekly. I have been working on being interviewed for an atheist podcast. I'm excited and a bit nervous about that. We will be talking about atheist parenting, homeschooling, and blogging.

I have a few blog posts in the works with plans on writing more about John's activities this summer. I am also a maker of memes.

You can also find my writing on:

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I haven't seen many other blogs that are specifically written for and about secular parenting and/or secular homeschooling. It's such a tiny little niche that I sometimes feel like such a freak!

I'm not interested in debate, so that makes me different from most atheist blog writers. Sometimes I have thoughts that I could totally write an in-your-face post about it. But I usually wait around a bit until I can think more clearly and write, instead, a post with more introspection...

I am also generally optimistic and happy. 

That can be very different.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I'm sure I have answered that one again and again. I feel it to be a mission to be out as an atheist.  There you go, my mission.

4) How does my writing process work?

Weirdly enough, I don't really get writer's block or anything. Daily I am surrounded by things that inspire me to learn more about a thing or that I think is worth writing about. Also, having kids is such a trip that nearly every day is an interesting destination.

Continuing this blog tour during the week on the 28th of July will be one of my favorite bloggers, Laura from Stag Beetle Power, True Adventures in Portland blog. Laura and I are just rocking along, blogging buddies.

If you are interested in the #mywritingprocess blog tour but haven't been asked to participate, please contact me; I'd love to encourage and include you.

Also, Fellow Secular Bloggers,
Please submit your secular parenting blog post to my upcoming

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  1. Glad you joined the tour! Like you said what you write about you can't find everywhere, and I am glad there is someone out there informing people! Keep up the good work, and don't worry, you're not a freak! :) Danica

    1. Are you SURE about that "not a freak" think?



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