Sunday, September 13, 2015

Thanks, I Needed That

I had the nicest message on Facebook today and I'm going to share it here with you for a couple of reasons.

1. I am so busy and preoccupied these days.
2. I have little time to write.
3. This message reminds me why I do the small things that I do.

Sara V-R, THANK YOU for contacting me; it really means alot to me.

Hi Karen, I have been following you on Pinterest for a while. I had a situation yesterday where I had to have an honest conversation with a neighbor about our difference in beliefs. I don't usually have these conversations and my first thought was what would Karen do. I just wanted to thank you for the content and perspective that you share. There are probably more silent followers like myself that enjoy your work and I just wanted to make sure you knew that! Have a great day and keep it up!!

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