Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Biblical Parenting

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I've been reading around the internet a bit this afternoon as I prepare some lessons for John. Just as he slips into gaming while he is doing lessons, I slip into reading stuff unrelated to my work too.

This afternoon it was Christian rants.
Specifically Christian Parents ranting....ALOT. There was lots of spanking, discipline, certainty, and fear mongering. 

My co hostesses on Brunch with The Secular Parents, BeAsia and Rayven, and I spend time talking about topics for our show and researching those issues. I enjoy the process of researching because it encourages me to read outside of my comfort zone and that is fun. But this stuff is kind of ridiculous. These woman, the women who choose biblical parenting, live in such fear of so much of the world and I think that that is such a waste of human beings.

The point is that so many of the blogs and writing have answers: The Answers.

I find that truly bizarre. I did find a few perfectly 
reasonable sounding articles that didn't grate...right there, among the freaky hell articles, lists of why some deity doesn't plan on saving you, shaming is a great tool for discipline, demons, spanking, the essential evil nature of human beings, why you should control the friendships your children have, why homophobia is OK, tantrums equal misbehaving and defiance, and well, etc. Just the titles of the articles were prickly, not even mentioning the content! 

I'm sad and angry that truly well-meaning parents choose to parent this way.

The Secular Parents and I have been talking about having a show on biblical parenting. The idea was that we would would biblically parent for a week and discuss that. I refused to do this completely but Rayven thought she would be willing to try it.  I simply didn't want to learn their rules and try to live by them...not even for one second, much less for a full week.  

Have you ever attempted to parent while in a cult?
How was that different?

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