Thursday, September 17, 2015

The One About the Difficult Choice

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Because my sister is dealing with a major illness I've been out of town quite alot, for long stretches of time helping her out and taking care of her. That leaves my 14-year-old son on his own...doing his homeschool lessons independently. 

He's not so good at that.

I made tons of plans with him and for him. He and I had talks about how we were going to handle my absence. I left him calendars and lists and Google docs with stuff to do and online messages but he was just not cooperative. He wasn't keeping up with lessons at all. I was in Colorado, ten hours away, worrying about this kid spending too much time playing stuff online with friends instead of doing lessons. Yes I've been angry, but I also know that this guy really needs help staying on task, keeping up with lessons. He just needs help. 

Although I know my sister prefers that I be out there, I had to make a difficult decision and I made it in a snap. I headed home.

It was the right decision. Everyone in the house has been so relieved to have me home and I'm glad I followed my intuition and was the right thing to do.

John has gotten so much done since I got home and he's feeling so much happier. We all are.

That's a win.

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  1. You do what you have to do but yes, I agree, those decisions can be really hard to make sometimes.

  2. Good for you -- I know it's hard to make those decisions. I still struggle so much with putting my own husband and kids before my siblings and their kids. Our dynamic is weird because our mom died when we were still kids. But I've gotten better at setting boundaries and listening to my kids/husband when they say they need me or they need space from my siblings and their problems. All that being said -- I'm thinking of you and your sister and sending you positive, healthy thoughts. =-)


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