Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Freshman HS Civics: The Campaign Trail

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The other night was the most recent Democratic presidential candidate debate, Hillary and Bernie. I had been looking forward to this debate for awhile now because I have found myself really disliking Hillary for years; I haven't trusted her for years. Recently, though, I have been wondering if, maybe, my dislike and distrust of her came from the media smear that she is claiming.

So tonight John and I watched the debate.
Yes, John, a member of the teenage contingency of Bernie's fan base. You know how much the teens love Bernie... Our younger generation is interestingly involved and informed in the political process lately. Maybe it skips a generation or two because the generation previous to mine was politically-aware too.

Elizabeth got home from school for an hour or two before tonight's rehearsal so she joined us in the viewing of the debate. John and Elizabeth and I watched, pausing, questioning, researching in the moment, and we all gained a new respect for Hillary Clinton. 
She is smart, sharp, and a serious contender for the highest office of our country. The kids both gained a new respect for her this afternoon. And so did I.

We were impressed with the debate this time. Unlike the Republican debates, these two candidates can participate in the debate while both maintaining dignity and respect for their opponent. All three of us commented on how much we actually like both of these candidates more after watching their performances in the debate. I would be surprised if we could even tolerate another Republican debate after seeing this one.

Secretary Clinton is tougher, tighter, quick, deeply knowledgeable, more competent looking, while Mr. Sanders is kinder, brave, more thoughtful, and more focused on radical and humanist issues. More downright likable. But Hillary seems more presidential, in our humble opinions.

We're not following every debate any more but we are paying attention to speeches and to the campaign calendar. We feel fortunate that we can follow the candidates during this election year. 

Are you watching the debates with your kids? 
What were your thoughts? 
What were their thoughts?

Also, Happy Anniversary to me.
Six years blogging.


  1. Let me start by saying I love your blog - it is one of the few I read - it is wonderful. My comment is that I don't think because a candidate looks or acts "presidential" makes them a better candidate in any way - actually I believe the converse. We need a down to earth, sincere, honest person to lead this country. Not someone who changes her message depending on who she is talking too. What did she say to during her speeches to Goldman Sachs? Thanks for your blog!!!

    1. The "More Presidential" came from my staunch Bernie supporter! ;)


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