Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Last Ten Pics

I was thinking about how to talk about this week, this normal and average week, but I couldn't quite put my finger on what we've been up to. I had a crazy idea to simply post the last ten pics from my phone with an explanation of will see just what we've been doing this past week. We've been busy here but I can't really tell you why. Maybe this will clear it up. 

Starting ten pictures ago:

Last weekend John and I drove about an hour and a half away
to visit some new friends of ours.
We honestly had the best possible weekend.
This is both Kaleesha and her daughter Blue.
Kaleesha is one of the coolest people I've met in years!

These are also Kaleesha's children:
Atira, John (of course), Farra, and Seth.
These kids are AMAZING!
Kaleesha has been reading my blog and then we met
about three months ago at an atheist convention.
This atheist homeschooling family has become very special to us!

Today was the funeral for my friend Teresa's mother.
I don't know exactly why I took this pic,..
Teresa is the lovely lady in black.

This displays John's willingness to have his pic taken.  :)

On our way out for ice cream.


JD had an accident at rehearsal and injured his knee and shin badly.
We went to the ER and found that there are no broken bones.
He's still in a great deal of pain;
they've figured out a way for him to stay in the show.

Both Elizabeth and JD will be in a play called "Rhinoceros".
The case members are making masks that look like this.
Aren't they amazing?!!!
The show is next weekend.

The other day I went to a little bar and grill that I like.
This is a pic on their wall.

John's best friend, Demetri, NOT wanting his pic taken.
I guess it's been a normal, average week spent with some excellent people! Tonight we had some family over for dinner and the kids are doing various things around town with friends while I sit here watching Anchors Away.

Yep, a normal, average week.  :)

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