Sunday, February 14, 2016

KPOP, EXO, and Kai

Need I say more?
SO, I have a child who is freaky obsessed with Korea. Elizabeth has generally taught herself Hangul, the language spoken by most Koreans; she can read, write, and speak it. She listens almost exclusively to KPOP, Korean pop music, and she is a huge fan of Korean dramas and film. At some point she plans on moving to Korea and teaching English as a Second Language. Naturally this Korea Love carries over into her writing life.

She has been an author as long as she could pick up a pencil, pen, or laptop. Long into the night she would either be reading or typing on her laptop, couldn't stop her. As she has moved into her teen years she and her friends discovered some Korean boy bands and became huge fans of them. Super Junior in all of its various iterations, Shinee, BTS, Infinite, and now EXO, these songs and bands have been the soundtrack of her life. Ask her to listen to American pop and she would decline.

For several years she has written tons of fan fiction from her various biases: Sherlock Holmes, Super Junior, Korean actors, and KPOP. I usually get to read her fan fic, but not always. Some of her stories are, according to Elizabeth, for mature audiences only and she doesn't like me to read those because it embarrasses her. But my experience with those stories have been good. Great, even.

But, Happy Day, today Elizabeth has given me the green light to share one of her fan fics with you, My Friends and Readers. This story is called Ruining Our Childhood and is a fantasy story about growing up with one of today's hottest Korean pop singers, someone in the Korean boy band called EXO, a singer named Kai. I read the story the other night and, although some errors stand out to me (I'm an editor at heart) the overall story was so good! She writes really great dialogue and can turn a phrase.

I hope you enjoy it and I welcome you to share the story with your friends' daughters who also love KPOP or romantic fiction. But be warned, those girls will become KPOP obsessed too.

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