Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ask the Experts

Are you struggling to figure out why certain materials don’t work with your family?

If you have to stand over your child and help them with almost every item in a text or workbook, then you need to figure out what is wrong.

a.)  the work is too hard,
b.)  the work is too easy,
c.)  your child knows that he or she can finish quicker if *you* answer the questions for him
d.)  your child does not learn well using this material
e.)  your child may have a hidden learning disability or
f.)  none of these!

It is a tough call – but you CAN figure it out.  Luckily, you’re in the right spot to do just that!

Having various materials in the house doesn’t guarantee that they will be used.  So why not sit down with your child or children, go through a stack of books and materials and ask them to RANK them, comment on them, CHOOSE them.  Which are their favorites?  Which do they not connect with?  What is appealing about the things that they choose?  And what can you fit into the materials to fill in the gaps?

Include your child in the choices and you will see better cooperation and more motivation!

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