Monday, August 8, 2011

At Least TEN Good Reasons to Homeschool

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What are the top ten benefits that homeschooling has to offer that your friendly, neighborhood public schools may not offer?  Well, the way I see it:

10. Your child can have an individualized education.
  • As the parent, you can skip the child any number of grade levels and there is not one administrator bending over backwards and trying to explain why it is not possible. Does your child know it already…then SKIP IT this time! Is your child interested in a particular subject…spend lots more time on it!
  • No classroom bells ending the period: ample time to complete, investigate, explore more, follow your bliss, surf, continue your learning!
  • If a child has asynchronous development (and what child DOESN'T?), you can customize the work for acceleration in one area and remediation in another. My two children vary in their levels of skill in each subject…and we can accommodate each of them easily!
9.  Homeschooling can give a child the gift of time because it does not generally take 6 or 7 hours for a days’ work.
  •  A child can follow his interests for hours a day!
  •  There is plenty of time in the day for expanded exploration and extending fun and interesting activities on any given topic.
  • There is time for household chores, play, hobbies and guilt-free reading for pleasure
  • We take 1-3 hours per day for structured lessons…all of the rest is for following individual interests.
8.  The classroom has no walls.
  • Field trips can occur at the parent’s discretion and can be spur- of-the-moment decisions.
  • Pick up and move outdoors whenever you can.
  • Follow up activities from a field trip can last as long as the interest lasts.
  • Instruction can take place at the library, park, or even in the car on the way.
7.  The family can travel and not be subjected to a school calendar decided by the schools.
  • A trip to a favorite tourist spot with all the educational value of the monuments, museums, and tours can be considered “unexcused” absence in the school system, not so if you are homeschooling.  
  • All homeschoolers LOVE the off-peak travel benefits!
6.  Most homeschoolers have freedom from bureaucracy.
  •  No rules about who can participate based on geographic location.
  •  No rules about who cannot participate.
  •  No rules about when to begin and when to end.
  •  No rules about WHAT to teach WHEN.
  •  No rigid rules to get in the way of your child’s needs.
5.  There is a short commute time from home to classroom.
  • There is no strange zoning where your child is bused to a school on a 45 minute bus ride when there are two schools closer that the bus drives right past.
  • NO WORRYING about that stranger that you heard about on the news who has been seen handing out near bus stops and schools.
  • No car line in front of school for those that live too close to ride the bus.
  • No tardys, no missed recesses, no lunch bell.
  • No bus at all.
4.  Curriculum can be presented in a manner that suites the child.
  • Parents can choose a traditional method or non-traditional.
  • Curriculum can be modified without worrying about the implications it has on an entire group of students.
  • If materials or approaches aren’t working a homeschooler can immediately try something else.
  • Parents and children can learn together what method of learning WORKS for that child!
3.  Mastery learning is possible.
  • Your child can master the content of a lesson before moving to the next lesson without inconveniencing others. Take as long as you need to on integers.
  • Homeschoolers know that all kids get "A"s in all subjects.  Why? Because you don't more forward until your child is ready!
2.  There are no afternoon and evening homework battles.

1.  The PLACEMENT TESTS are not mandatory for a homeschooler.
  • Woo Hoo.

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