Monday, June 18, 2012

And Three More. Done!

Week 8 – 10 reasons I am excited about this new school year
Week 9 - 10 totally random things on your mind
Week 10 – 10 things about me that you should know

10 reasons I am excited about this new school year, this one is super easy!
  1. We're moving to BRISBANE QLD AUSTRALIA for the year!
     2-10  Stuff in Brisbane! 

10 totally random things on your mind
  1. Where am I going to find enough luggage?
  2. Where is the tissue?
  3. What are we going to do with...EVERYTHING?
  4. I hope my stuff on Craigslist sells.
  5. Books.  booksbooksbooks
  6. Whatever adult cartoon show Jer is watching in there is totally tasteless and very funny.
  7. Why is it so cold in the house?
  8. The kids arrived safely in Arkansas; I'll bet they are already swimming.
  9. I have a headache.
  10. I wonder if Tina could use some blankets..?
10 things about me that you should know
  1. I have been craving chocolate covered peanuts lately.
  2. I STILL have a headache right now
  3. I am reading a book by Jeffrey Archer called "Only Time Will Tell".  It's ok.
  4. I really dislike stupid humor.  (read:  Sandler, Ferrel, Carrey, et al)
  5. I have a CD from Netflix of "Hogan's Heroes"!  It's still SO funny.
  6. Jerry and I are enjoying having the kids visiting their grandmother for a few days...nudge, nudge, wink wink.
  7. I dislike chewing gum.
  8. The kids and I are making BIG plans for blogging from Australia.
  9. I just made a new friend this week.  She is great AND her son and Bonobo get along fantastically.
  10. I LOVE getting comments on this blog.  And it's too bad too, because most people don't give in to my sad and pathetic neediness.  
Brisbane, Australia


  1. What to do with stuff make four piles:
    1. Take
    2. Sale/Donate
    3. Toss/Trash
    4. Storage

    And I want some chocolate covered peanuts too. :)

    1. It's what I do. I think I may freak when we retire and my life is no longer in constant change mode. LOL.

    2. LOL...seriously! I could use you over here for a couple of days. LOL

  2. I really do wish you hadn't mentioned chocolate covered peanuts. I have to ask-- what that kind? was it necessary? Now I want them too;-)!

    And yes, I'd also like to go to Brisbane.

    Sigh . . .

    1. OH, Janice, it's even worse than that!!!
      I go to this fancy-dancy home made candy place.
      Crown Candy Kitchen: Over 15 bucks a pound.

  3. Have you joined this group? Connecting Queensland Home Schoolers? It's a Ning group

    1. Yes, I have joined can find me on Secular Homeschoolers, Blogging Hsers, Teens, Logan, Gold Coast, and a few others...


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