Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What We're Doing...TEDtalks!

This week is The Doctor's birthday so we have had a birthday sleepover this week that has extended from one night to two.  Lots of friends over and lots of celebration.
But lessons are still getting done.
The Doctor is doing Algebra, Biology 1, and TED talks each day, even though friends are here.  (YES, I AM a task master.)
Bonobo is also doing Algebra, General Science, Reading, Philosophy, Critical Thinking, and TED talks.

Seriously, if you haven't discovered the instructive nature of the TEDtalks, may I suggest a couple of my favorites!

OK, just a few, but TEDtalks is like the Niagra Falls of free knowledge.
Use it anytime you have three minutes up to an hour of free time and nothing to do.

Surprise yourself with new technologies.  Marvel at the up-to-the-minute inventions.  Explore other points of view.  Experience new ways of listening to music, experiencing art, and participating in the society at large.  Hear the geniuses, the divergent thinkers, the risk takers, the thinkers, the dreamers, the creative of our time.  Feel PROUD to be offering all of this knowledge to your children!


Do you have any TEDtalks that you recommend?
How about any extra-great and little-known websites?


  1. They are fantastic. I'll hae to check out some more. Thanks for the reminder. Xx

  2. let's see - my recent favorites:

    1. GREAT ONES!
      (The first one you listed is on my post!)

      Great TEDtalks...thanks for the suggestions!


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