Saturday, June 9, 2012

Renn Faire


Amazing period musicians
Renaissance Fairs, if you have not heard, have gained tremendous popularity in the US.  Elsewhere too, I am sure, because a friend of mine, Urska, who lives in Slovenia goes to them regularly with her family!

At a Renn Faire, patrons stroll through an area of merchants, performers, and actors who are all in Elizabethan or Medieval "period" clothing and who stay in period character at all times.  At any moment you may have someone offer to trade his bowl for your weapon, ax throwers may exhibit their skills, you may see performers on the street, or you might have to move off of the street so that the king and his entourage can march by.
Bonobo, Prince Charming
It is exciting and fun, and, if you let yourself really get into the experience, life-changing.  Most of the people that I know who participate in the Renn Faire regret the ending of the faire...and their return to "real" life.  They look forward to next year, when they can, again, don their costumes of ladies-in-waiting, fair maidens, falconers, belly dancers, pirates, leather workers, peasants, and other fantasy roles.

How authentic this historical fiction event is varies from locale to locale.  Here in St. Louis, the actors are quite authentic.  The crowd manages to bring their enthusiasm to the mix with authentic garb as well.  But many patrons, myself included, wear comfy shoes (she said "comfy shoes"), jean shorts, and an ice-cold water carrier.  We're no fun...

My kids enjoyed getting into the spirit of the occasion with their costumes.  We found an excellent black, belted, studded vest at a retro shop in the city and Bonobo wore that with pride!  Some of the cast actually asked him where he found it!  The Doctor wore a green skirt, a brown T and lots of cool accessories that made her look very period.  For her, it was more about feeling cool than about being authentic.

The Doctor with her BFF
Some of the activities of the day included performers, magicians, shopping, drinking grog, historical re-enactments, and a well-scripted jousting match between the Good Duncan and Bad Malcolm.

The crowd shouted "Blood, blood, blood!"  

Not to mention Bonobo being knighted by the king for doing a deed of great valor (visiting the required stalls and doing a little jig!)   Bonobo felt so proud of being knighted...almost like the real thing...

The performances were first class.  From the singing, the gypsy performances, the belly dancing, and the many, many smaller venues...WHAT A DAY!
Captain Jack Sparrow!
Bonobo was able to spend some time with archery!  Totally made his day!  And The Doctor ran into her very BFF (one of the actors in the German village) and the two of them spent the rest of the day together. 

And Bonobo is going again today with friends!  To prepare for today, he found a photo album in the house that "looks like a magic book".  So he took some paper, dipped in into steeped tea, let it dry, and made some pages for his magic book.  Together we researched ancient written languages and magic symbols and wrote on the pages with these symbols.  It turned out COOL.  So, although, to me, it looks like my old photo album, to Bonobo, it looks like the coolest magic book ever!

Jousting, not jesting

And he's going back AGAIN TOMORROW with friends!
The Renn of the summer's fun events here in St. Louis!


Our ADORABLE friends, not merely peasants

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  1. Love the faire, love my children loving the faire! It's been a part of our lives for as long as I can remember, we rarely miss it and I especially adore how it has always captured my eldest's imagination!


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