Friday, June 1, 2012

Why Are Homeschooled Kids So Annoying?

Have you read this piece entitled
Why are Homeschooled Kids so Annoying?

Maybe you've seen and read this article, it's "going viral" lately. I'm seeing it everywhere and I've actually heard people IRL actually ask this question! I'm like "Are you KIDDING? Don't you know that ALL kids are annoying?" Are these people actually suggesting that THEIR kid is not annoying?  LOL
  • One recent woman who I overheard saying this was at a park.  Her child was sitting in the sand THROWING the sand.  Sure, all kids do this. No question about it. But that mother was talking about an entire group of kids she does not know while her own child was projectiling sand.
  • One time little John overheard the declarative statement at a restaurant. The couple sitting behind him said it quite loudly and he could hear their conversation. He was amused. He said, "Mom, should I turn around and talk to them?"  

Recently our family has been going through tons of change and upheaval and transition. Things are good here, but difficult. On TWO separate occasions the person I was talking to suggested that, maybe, HOMESCHOOLING was to blame for the changes. Really?  

People in my life, I don't know about yours, often consider homeschooling the root of all things not "normal" in our lives and I will often hear "NOW will the kids go to school?"

These people who make these assumptions are SO ANNOYING!!!!!...and all of them went to public schools... I promise you, the next time anyone starts talking about having a challenging period in their life, I will ask, Is now a good time to consider homeschooling the kids?

SO, we know the real truth, the homeschool kids aren't so weird, they are simply more THEMSELVES during those years where being one's self is verbotten. And, yes, maybe that is weird...especially in a world where kids in schools are desperately trying to be...someone else. I know this because I was one of those weird kids trying to be not me. Maybe you were too.

What do you think?
Don't you think ALL kids are weird in their own lovely ways?
Are homeschoolers claiming the word "weird"?
I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter...


I guest-posted on a blog called Mumtopia. This is a small excerpt from that writing; if you are interested, follow the link to the post!

My cool kid
As parents, we realize that the parents around us are doing their best. They are making choices that, while they may not be my choice, is their informed and examined choice. It is their choice based on a variety of reasons that I might not understand or agree with. Parents all around us are making decisions and living by paradigms that disagree with our own conception of “optimal parenting”.

As a society, truly, it’s time we parents supported each other. 

Many societal influences are out there trying, unrelentingly, to divorce our kids from their self-esteem, and to reduce the strength of the familial bond. If you have chosen to take your children to the center of Africa so that they can learn from that, if your children are in the circus, if your family spend its time and energy in supporting the local community theater, I SUPPORT YOU.

I support your choices! And, at some level, I think, COOL, that’s a neat lifestyle choice!

Peace, Karen 


  1. The root of all "not normal" things in my life are me...cause I'm "not normal" thank the noodle for that! There is something not right about the "normal" ones. ;)

  2. Normal sounds so boring. Who would WANT to be normal? ;)

    1. You've GOT ME...but some people really get uncomfy when they're Not Normal...
      I say EMBRACE IT!

  3. Life got so much better when I embraced the weirdness. My parents were long-haired hippies living in small town mid-west US in the 70's. We were very different, and weird.
    And I love that about homeschooling - my son doesn't have to wait until he's 18 and out of high school (like I did) to embrace his weirdness - he's already doing it.

  4. What an odd comment to make! I hear weird a lot but I haven't heard annoying. Love our free lifestyle :)

  5. I think homeschooling allows kids to be who they truly are, and not be afraid of what others think. That's so critical when they are still young and negative comments from others could derail their interests and hurt their self-esteem and personality. I am so thankful I can homeschool both my daughters and give them an opportunity to become who they truly are.


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