Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another Day in Paradise


Today we had our best day YET in  Australia.

Bonobo on the zip line at the park
After a slow and rough start, we decided to do what ought to be the prerogative of everyone who lives on the coast:  blow off all lessons and run off to the beach!  We got into our rental car and buzzed down Highway 1 all of the way to Gold Coast QLD.  The drive was about an hour and really resembled a drive we've had in Florida.  Nice highway, very little traffic, and lots of palm trees.

Getting into Gold Coast, first, we saw Griffith University.  Lots of college kids hanging around, LOTS of gorgeous, white high-rises, green trees, blue skies, bright sunshine, mild temps.  It is a freaking IDYLLIC location for a university.  I can't imagine going to school anyplace more gorgeous than in  Gold Coast.
We simply drove until we wanted to stop and we found this adorable, perfect little town beach and playground called Anzac park that entertained us and raised our spirits.

I can't describe the beauty.

Even the landscape was gorgeous.

Not one of these pictures does justice to the beauty of the coast.  The waters are crystal clear, so many different shades of blue, and sparkling in the sun.

Anyway, so we spent the afternoon in the sand.  A lovely breeze coming ashore.  Bonobo dug on the shoreline and found a blue crab to play with.  The Doctor and I walked along the shore, The Doctor with her usual lament, "Why am I always in the most romantic locations with you, Mom?"

This afternoon totally changed our gloomy morning attitudes and made us SHINE.

Then, this afternoon, some of our new neighbors came over to visit.  Haven is The Doctor's age and Soles (read: soul-less) is Bonobo's age.  GREAT times were had by all.  My children have been celebrating all evening for having new friends!

And so, a great day. Just another day in paradise!

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  1. I'm sooo jealous, but sooo happy for you! Enjoy your beautiful adventure, girl!


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