Thursday, September 27, 2012

Snorkling Counts as a Lesson

In November of this year, Jerry and I are taking the family to Cairns QLD, one of Australia's popular "getaway" spots, for a little vacay of our own.

Soar Eclipse,
The Earth, passing in the shadow of the moon
as is passes in front of the sun
Our basic reason for going to Cairns is that there will be a solar eclipse on November 13th, 2012 and Cairns in a location of totality.  That means we will have FIVE SECONDS of extra totality as compared to the nearest inhabited village in Australia!  Yes, almost TWO FULL MINUTES of totality, or our sun being completely blocked by our moon!  We will be in the shadow of that moon pass.

I remember a total solar eclipse when I was in the fourth grade.  I few kids asked to go outside, me included, but most kids stayed inside, completely uncaring about the event!
I had some glasses my parents had given me...I was excited and it was very memorable.
I hope my kids are just as excited.  But I'll bet you that The Doctor sleeps through the whole thing!  LOL

The Great Barrier Reef

While we are in Cairns, we plan on taking a tour out to a little atoll island and learn to snorkel the reef!  As you know, the Great Barrier Reef is one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World.  It is made up of nearly 3000 individual reefs, over 800 islands, and thousands of types of plants and animals unique to this place that stretched over 2500km down the coast of Queensland.  We will be in the tropical zone, and taking hundreds of pics, I'm sure!

We will be taking a cool glass-bottom boat tour out from the island so we can see the amazing reef and see animals.  Snorkeling experts will help us with the necessary equipment and lessons.  Then we will snorkel in the safe, shallow beach until we are ready to move a bit further into the reef.
We can explore the beach and the rainforest with naturalists.   With all of our various interests, there is no telling how we will spend our time!

We have other upcoming plans we will share with you as the time nears...for now, WOW, we're going to Cairns!


  1. Sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see the pictures!
    We snorkeled in Florida last time we were there. I absolutely loved it! I could have stayed out for hours but Aaron fell on a jagged rock on a jetty and cut his knee so we had to cut our trip a bit short.
    Saw in your fb post that you were going to meet some homeschoolers. Found any yet?
    Take care,

    1. I'm trying, Ann! I'm really trying!!!!!
      It's MUCh harder meeting homeschoolers here than in the states...

  2. I am so jealous - swimming on the Great Barrier Reef is one of my lifelong goals. I probably should start saving now for the airfare, though, especially since I can't sleep sitting up and really want a reclining seat for that long of a flight. Enjoy - it's amazing to snorkel on a reef (I've only ever been in the Bahamas).


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