Friday, September 21, 2012

SAQ - Seldom Asked Questions About Homeschool



I have seen dozens of FAQ pages for homeschooling
here on the WWW.
But none of the FAQ sites appeal to me, so I decided,
HEY, I like my Seldom Asked Questions Better!

Welcome to this page for newbie homeschoolers. 
Most of your seldom asked questions will be here.
If you don't see the answer to your question here,
please feel free to contact the management.

1. Do you feel luckier than other moms because you get to spend so much time with your children?

Sometimes, I really do!  We have so much flexibility with our schedule and we truly enjoy one another.  I do feel fortunate that I can offer lessons to the kids when they are feeling their best during the day and stay with those lessons until we need a break.
As the mom, I feel so thrilled to get to watch them using their imaginations!

2. Did you decide to homeschool for the socialization?

Actually, we didn't start homeschooling for this reason.  But, at times, I admit, I'm thrilled we do homeschool whenever I hear about socialization problems in the public schools.  So I'm not going to kid you, today, it is as major reason why we homeschool.

As for why we DID begin homeschoooling, it wasn't for any sort of rejection of the school system.  Instead, we simply embrace the homeschool lifestyle.

3. Aren’t you happy to not have to worry about pleasing the state requirements or your local school district?!

I seriously am!  I don't see how the state has made things any better for public school kids lately.  Don't get me wrong, I know some great public or private school kids.  And I'm happy to see them thriving despite the limitations offered by their school.
On the positive side of the question, I am happy that I don't have to expect the teacher, school, or school district to try to meet the needs of my children while, simultaneously, trying to meet the needs of so many other students.

The Next Doctor
4. It’s so obvious why a family would choose a homeschooling lifestyle.  Why do you think more families don’t do it?

I think most families don't understand how wonderful the lifestyle can be.  Most of us have been trained or brain-washed to think that a child needs school in order to be truly educated.  But I know that most families who do not homeschool do public school (or other educational institution) for their own reasons.  I wouldn't try to stereotype anyone.
I'm sure most parents are very thoughtful about the education they offer to their children.

5. You homeschool.  Does that mean your family fits the societal stereotypes, pigeon-holes, or labels?

Of course not.  And neither does any other homeschool family that I know.  Every family, homeschool or not, is unique.

6. Your family must be bustling with activity from all of the community opportunities available to them!  How do you ever find down time?

Yes we are!  It can be exhausting and exhilarating at the same time!  Naturally we have a good calendar and we communicate daily about our upcoming events.

7. It must be a thrill to watch your children learning about things you are unfamiliar with...simply because they have an interest!

It is!  I love knowing that we are learning current events and up-to-the-moment data.  Dinner conversations can be so interesting when the kids share their interests with us!  Especially when they've had the freedom to follow their own interests for extended periods of time.  You just never know what they will come up with.

8. Since your child is actually living in the world at large on a daily basis, you must enjoy their ability to move comfortably through the different people with whom they come in contact!

People we meet often comment on how friendly and interesting my kids are.  It's nice being the "Face of Homeschool" to people we meet.  We have the opportunity to meet people from every economic/social strata available and to befriend them.

9. Being present with your child daily, and, therefore, being aware of those moments when your child is “getting” a concept or struggling with it, you must, therefore, be the first one to know if your child is learning or not in the homeschool environment.  Is this true?

Of course it's true.  And all without a single "test".  In fact, the very moment my child(ren) need help, they can ask.  Or I simply notice.  You know, just the way you notice when they need help opening a can or closing a zipper.  I can see us making such progress!

10.  With all of the many reputable universities enthusiastically accepting the independent-learning homeschooled students, you must look forward to seeing your child pursue their education into adulthood!

We have seen our friends go on to colleges all over the country, and they thrive!  I haven't spoken to any university reps yet, but I know that, when I do, they will be pretty impressed with my kids.  Academically, socially, hobbies and activities, passion for learning, all of these things join together to make most homeschooled kids highly desirable to admissions offices of colleges.


I acknowledge that my daughter and I were feeling rather doldrum-my today, and yet I still decided to write an upbeat piece.  The Doctor was amused and supportive.

Here's a nice blog post of common HS myths exposed:


  1. I very much like not forcing my child to study for the standardized tests instead of studying to learn.


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