Saturday, September 22, 2012

Top Ten Random Things on my Mind

     What's on your mind?  Grab a cup of tea and let's chat.
Here's what is on my mind:
  1.  We are finding the homeschool community far less cohesive than we had hoped.  And far less interested in "groups".  While I get the whole "we are on our own" thing, it certainly makes it harder to make friends.   Also, not alot of teens around the homeschool community...
  2. After driving around on my own this afternoon, I have to say that I find the roadways BIZARRE!  But I enjoy the various neighborhoods/suburbs of Brisbane.  Each one has it's own little, unique flavor and places of interest.
  3. I'm tired of my clothes.  I brought a single bag of clothing and, besides starting to fade from drying out in the strong sun, I'm just tired of them and want some new things.  
  4.  I have a number of friends who are strong Romney supporters, strong Republicans, anyway.  I wonder how they are reacting to that audio/video of him insulting almost everyone in the nation.
  5. John needs a bike and a scooter for getting around, for playing on, and for the excellent bike parks around here.  Very Expensive.
  6. Jerry and I are constantly amazed with the bird sounds.  Sometimes, during the night, you could swear you were in the middle of the jungle from the squawking.
  7. We are learning that there are many traffic cameras on the traffic lights here.  Jerry just paid about a hundred dollars for speeding a few weeks ago...
  8. We have a forced air oven here and we are learning to use it on the fly...  I wonder if there are any on-line cooking guides for a thing like this?
  9. I had forgotten how lovely laundry smells after drying outside on the line.
  10. And, Hmmm...what's for dinner?


  1. I like your random list. :-) I keep telling myself I'm going to revive my homeschooling blog, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I haven't seen that Romney video, by the way. I've long since decided how I'm voting, and listening to that man talk would just depress me.

  2. Hey Karen,

    Welcome again! There are plenty of groups around, just sometimes it can be hard to find them at first! Don't worry, you'll infiltrate soon ;0) I'm enjoying your blog and sense of humour. I know I live miles away at Redcliffe, but if you want to meet up let me know via email or my blog. I am so interested in a co-op...but maybe a bit closer to home :0(

    1. Catherine and I DID meet up several times.
      She's gorgeous. :)

  3. Did you choose to homeschool your kids because of your side trip to AUS or have you always homeschooled your kids? I really enjoy your blog, it makes me happy to see people daring to be themselves. Atheist is not the dirty word so many Americans have made it out to be! :) Danica

    1. Thanks, Danica! That is EXACTLY why I wanted to blog.

      We have homeschooled for about eleven years.


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