Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Are Bustling With Excitement

In case you are wondering what Elizabeth is up to these days; she is quite busy.  She has hit that age when her activities aren't as family-centered anymore but are more Elizabeth-centered. She is working, going to school, seeing friends, writing, and working on a play.

Today she and I are working on a costume for her upcoming play, a play set in the 1830s. We have found a nice period dress that we can use in any show and that makes a very nice foundation piece to dress up for various periods of time. I will post a pic of that piece when I have some time.

For now, I want to show you the bustle that we have created that will help her change the dress from one look to another with only a few minutes of work. She and I have put some money into the material for this piece simply because it was fun to do so; this fabric we found was very rich, yet well-priced. 

We designed, rough-cut, and pinned together the pieces last night for this bustle.  Here is what we have so far, sewn together and ready to add to the other parts of the costume; imagine it with some peacock feathers in her hair.

I'm so excited and we feel so proud of our work!
...I just noticed our fabrics and notions all over the floor.  ;)

ALSO, I'm about to hit my 600th blog post in the next few weeks.
I'll have a few Blasts from the Past to celebrate.

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  1. You're raising two awesome individuals; you're a wide-open secular being; you're a homeschooling rock star; and you sew?! I am in awe. :) And, this is such a cool post. I love the reusing aspect of this costume and that you two girls worked on it together. <3

    1. THANK YOU!!!!!
      Except for......NO, I don't sew! That's why we are so thrilled with how this turned out. :)


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