Saturday, August 30, 2014

It's Going to be Worth It

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You learn alot about a people when your actions and words announce that you are going to live your own life your own way, when you declare that you're not going to live your life their way. Doing something so wholly revolutionary creates consequences.

You could keep the peace and get in the long line that has gone before you or you can listen to your own drummer, however measured or far away. You could quiet the noises in your head and in your stomach for awhile and shuffle forward with the other people who have not questioned why. It is the easiest thing in the world to quietly mumble acquiescence, or nothing at all, and simple sleep walk through it all.

I'm not capable of this.
It is not in my make up anymore to stay in line, stay on the path, follow the crowd.

When I was younger I bought into the idea that if I was very good and very compliant, then I would be happy. And I was very good and I was very compliant. But the questions kept coming and the disquiet remained long in to the nights.

And I'm glad of it because that disquiet has made all of the difference in my life.

For my children and for YOU, I hope that you remember to celebrate the freedom to get off of the narrow path, out of the shrinking rooms of what is acceptable, speak your truth, however much your voice shakes. 

Today my daughter has been considering some ideas that used to frighten or appall or confuse her. She is opening her mind to new ideas. She is willing to consider that there is much that she doesn't know. I hear her in conversations with people as she seeks to learn more about how others think about ideas...and I'm thrilled for her.

Just moments ago she walked into the room where I was and she announced, I'm feeling like such a good person today, Momma! I'm proud to be me today.

So, yeah.
Blaze your own trail because you will discover yourself there.

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