Saturday, August 16, 2014

Inspired Blogger Awards

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In my small corner of the Blog-o-Sphere I have had the distinct delight to have been befriended by some truly wonderful writers and people. I find the internet to be a true source of inspiration and delight and I have decided to share some of my favorite blogs and posts with you from time to time.

In the spirit of making such distinctions I have created this meme that I will use to share my favorite bloggers and I invite you to share this meme with your favorite bloggers as well.

If you have been directed to this page by following the links on a meme, it means that your writing has been an inspiration to another human being, a reader who found their way to your small place in the ether and wishes to thank you for your contributions to the blog-o-sphere.

My Sincere THANKS to bloggers all over the world who share their insights, struggles, hearts, integrity, and honesty so bravely. People who are introverts, extroverts, brave, weak, everywhere on the spectrum. People who take a moment and reach out a hand...

I have a few versions of this award, so look for it in several designs and colors

If you are given this small token of esteem on your blog, you are welcome to mention your award in any way you wish, if at all.

Some suggestions might be:
  • List your favorite underdog posts from your own blog - those posts that contain your heart but that are seldom read
  • Explain why you blog what you blog
  • Invite your readers to extend the award to other bloggers
  • Create a special blog post celebrating something new and innovative
  • Offer the award to some other blogger or two
  • Thank the person who offers this award to you
  • Create some other way that fits your personality
  • Include an image of the award in conjunction with one or more of these ideas
  • Or do nothing and just know that you are appreciated.

The Award is not intended to be a pyramid scheme or a self-aggrandizing event or a thing makes the receiver beholden. Just a celebration of the pioneer blogger spirit!
Now let's go out there and blog! 


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