Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sing it Back to Me

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I'm a bit of a depressive, have I mentioned that?

I have been struggling with it a bit more than usual lately, probably because of the weird sleep crap that I deal with regularly and partially due to the crazy schedule that we have been keeping around here.

It's not a thing to worry about, just to know where I am with things.

The kids and I have been talking about it quite alot because it effects them dramatically. Jerry has been so helpful and supportive. I can't help but think that I might not be as wonderful about it as my husband is...

As for being a homeschooling family with a depressive mother, you can see from the openness of my blog that we do quite well. I have those periods, few and far between, fortunately, when the depression tends to get me down for a few weeks. I'm experiencing that now.

In order to deal with it, the kids and I have made plans for their daily schedules. We have so much going on, as usual, and I don't want them to have to miss their activities because of my need to hibernate a bit. Though they, too, appreciate some down time.

We still get some lessons done. I enjoy reading and studying and the kids and I actually enjoy these days when we are home and quite intimate. We have been following interests with documentaries, books we are reading, discussions, and general quiet activities that stimulate our brains.

Also John has had a friend over to the house for sleepovers and these boys absolutely enjoy one another! Elizabeth is getting to school and work independently.

We're handling it.

I may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
But, for now, thank you to my readers here.

You bring me joy.

Do you have a chronic condition that makes it difficult 
to homeschool or to simply PARENT?
How to you handle it?
What is difficult about it?


After doing a small amount of research, 
I'm SURE my symptoms are created by the Prednisone I am taking 
for my poison ivy.


  1. I always appreciate when bloggers write more personal stuff like this so thank you :) I think it's awesome that you guys are open about it and talk about it. A friend of mine has severe depression and homeschools her children (her kids are younger than yours, and her husband is home too). People seem to think that putting the kids in school will somehow magically solve her depression but the reality is she loves having her children at home as school was not good for them, but also that she is always available and her children can come and snuggle up with her and they talk about everything openly. There's nothing taboo and it works really well for them. My friend says she would be far worse off if her children were in school, especially if they had to come home and deal with school tasks plus limited hours to spend with her.

    I really admire families that are so open like this. I know far too many families that are so closed, you just can't talk about certain things, kids are told to "man up", "stop being a princess" etc. In my dad's family for instance, mental illness was one of the ultimate taboo subjects and seen as a shameful thing! I never want my children to grow up believing that!

  2. Ugh. Hope you get your energy back soon. I used to go through cycles of depression. Now I'm just a declared pessimist, so nothing can get me down. lol.


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