Sunday, February 15, 2015

SecularTv: Secular Parenting Myths...BUSTED

secular tv, atheist parenting

I have this amazing opportunity to cohost an online tv show for secular parents and I'm thinking, DANG am I lucky!
I have already met wonderful human beings that I love. And I'm experiencing an astonishing side effect of the show... I feel this tremendous upsurge of creativity and growth and ideas and inspiration....a rebirth of sorts.

I've been feeling kind of wrung out, even empty for awhile now. Like I have nothing new to say...but this new venue is getting the imagination churning and...WOW, I'm excited again.

I hope you check out the show. We are working on getting them formatted into podcasts that will be available here through my blog.

I hope you join me in this endeavor.
I welcome your stories, your passions, your involvement, your participation on the community!

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