Saturday, February 14, 2015

Why Do You Hate God?

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 Without a doubt, as an atheist parent the question I get the most often is this one, Why do you hate God?

Interestingly enough, this one is the easiest question to answer. The question itself shows that the questioner truly doesn't know what it means to be an atheist. (A friend of mine is always saying that people really need to define these terms because many people don't know what agnostic or atheist actually means.)

As an atheist I don't believe in any gods, any devils, anything supernatural at all. Therefore, I don't love or hate any of these inventions.

The greater question is why would those who stand up on the pulpits of the churches spread such hateful and incorrect messages to those who look to them for wisdom, understanding, comfort?  Why would anyone use a powerful platform such as the pulpit to create division rather than to create connection, peace, love?

If I had a pulpit, I know that I would make it my mission to find ways to bring peace and understanding to the hearts of people on this planet. I would focus my strongest messages on anyone spreading hate speak, pompous self-aggrandizing talk, self-righteous messages, snake oil salesmanship, or any messages not of love.

Actually, I do have a pulpit. 
It's my life and I'm going to spread the love all over the damn place!

 Have you heard this one lately?
    With thoughts of Lana and Mama Beany.

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  1. Hi! This is my first time visiting your blog (I followed a few links from pinterest) and I just wanted to say "Thank you!"

    I am an educator in a part time position where our hours and programs are atypical of a normal school day. As such, I've learned that using homeschool blogs are wonderful resources for activities, crafts and lessons but the inevitable religious fervor always puts me off. It's refreshing to see an atheist homeschool blog (I was starting to wonder if they were a myth!) and you can be sure I'm going to read as much of the archives as I can. Thank you so much for this!

    1. Rachel, I'm sorry to say that atheist homeschool blogs are rare, but we're out here!
      I look forward to seeing more of you. :)

  2. Love this, Karen. You ask questions I've thought about thousands of times. Why would they use this power and influence to tell their "flock" that divorce, protected sex, a woman's right to choose, not going to church, homosexuality, questioning dogma, and not-believing their yarns are all offenses so hideous that they equal murder in their supposedly inevitable consequence of "eternal damnation"? Why spread such fear and hate? And I've only ever come up with one answer: they do this to control the masses. Because if a person believe this (and all the other stuff) then that person is trapped in their little, 2D box of "if I be good, then I get..." blah, blah, blah.
    I recently had a discussion with a relative whose loved-one is battling a serious illness; and this relative said to me "God just has to save (my loved-one)". And I wanted to respond "Really? God has to save (your loved-one), but didn't have to save my sister or countless others who die traumatically?" (I didn't respond in that way; this person was in a very vulnerable place and I tried to respond in a supportive, loving way without compromising my beliefs.) I did tell this relative that my life experiences have led me to believe in love and compassion; peace and equality; nature and our connection to it and to each other; in the ability of people to be kind, to raise each other up, to lend a helping hand; and that every single day we are here with our loved-ones is a gift. Funny how none of what I believe involves hating anyone else... <3

    1. How I would love to know you In Real Life. :)



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