Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Upcoming SecularTv Shows...Seeking guests.

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Dear Readers of my Blog, Friends,
The show that I am working on on SecularTv channel on Youtube has been so much fun to work on so far! The Secular Parents are still total noobs and are working hard to learn what to do to create an interesting, fun show as well as trying to figure out how to market, create good content, how to work the technology, and a bunch of other lessons on my plate.

I am wondering which of you might be interested in being a part of the show. We have some topics that we are working on for upcoming shows and I'm looking for interesting resources to tap and interesting, willing, and able people who are interested in being on the show to talk about topics of interest.

I'll list a few upcoming topics here and if you are interested or think you might have something to add, please comment below along with contact information, contact me at karen.loethen (at), or on a Facebook message.

Think about it. Even you shy ones can do this! All you need is your life experiences, broadband, and decent audio and video capabilities. OR, if you live here in town, you may come to my place and share my broadband with me. I promise to make it easy and satisfying for you to put your two cents into any conversation that interests you. And I thank you for considering it! 

Here are a few upcoming shows:

Talking About Religion With My Kids
Myths They Tell About Secular Families
Secular Family Values
Raising Ethical Kids
Finding the Sublime
Secular Black Families
Deconversion Stories
Nurturing Skepticism, Critical Thinking
Co-Parenting with Religious Partner
Secular Homeschooling

AND, Jennifer Hancock, I hope you contact me soon!

I hope to hear from YOU!!!!!
I also welcome any friends you can refer to me.

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My friend asked me to explain the topics on the list a bit...
here is what I sent to her; I hope it helps. 
These "explanations" are really just off of the top of my head 
and in no way meant to limit a topic.

Talking About Religion With My Kids - How did you talk to your kids about god? Christmas? religion? people who believe?  etc.
Myths They Tell About Secular Families - this is probably the one you really meant where you didn't get it...things like "You can't raise moral kids without religion..."
Secular Family Values - If your values don't include "faith", what Do they include?
Raising Ethical Kids - As opposed to moral, looking at the grey areas of life, decisions, events, issues...
Finding the Sublime - seeking the deeper meaning, deeper connection, transcendent?  etc
Secular Black Families - There are overwhelmingly more white secular families, are there any specific challenges specific to being a black family in this nonsecular world?
Deconversion Stories - how did you lose it?  (your religion, Silly!)
Nurturing Skepticism, Critical Thinking - what methods did you use to raise children who question everything?
Death - what are the challenges of dealing with death with your children when you don't use "god" and the afterlife as comfort?
Co-Parenting with Religious Partner - If one parent is religious and one is secular/atheist, how do you handle that?
Secular Homeschooling -

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