Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Secular Parenting, SecularTV

secular parenting, secular tv
As you know, I'm the cohost to and upcoming new show for SecularTV (an up and coming YouTube channel) called "The Secular Parent". Our team will be on Sunday evenings at 8pm talking about issues specific to raising children in a religiously-charged culture, raising freethinkers, and the struggles specific to first-generation atheist parents. You can check out the SecularTV channel here:

BeAsia McKerracher and I, host and co-host for the show, are both parents of teens and are women who both have long-term blogs and other online presence in the secular community.

We are interested in any questions other secular parents get when people find out you are not religious. Do you hear certain questions often?
What questions might you ask about secular parenting?
As secular parents yourselves, what are hang up points or questions you have?

I will check back here often in the next day or so to read and talk more.


  1. I am a happily married atheist, with a theist (preacher's daughter) wife. We have an 18 year old son. Our combined approach has always been, give him the tools to make his own decisions. He would go to church with his mother occasionally, mainly to see his extended family (grandparents, cousins , etc.). When he had questions, we answered them as honestly as possible. I was clear about my lack of belief, and why. My wife was clear about her belief and why. Ultimately, he made his own decision. Which was the point in the first place.

    1. Nice. :)
      I'm proud of your wife for coming to terms with your son's right to choose; that is a wonderfully loving thing to do.


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