Tuesday, January 20, 2015

It's My Blog Anniversary: 600th Post

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It occurred to me that TWO blog anniversaries are happening for me. 
THIS POST is my 600th post, which is cool. 
And on February 7th, this blog will be FIVE YEARS OLD!

THANK YOU for reading the musings of my heart.
And special THANKS to the people 
who have become true and dear friends in real life
as a result of reading this blog.

Congratulations Me!
I've given it some thought as to how I want to celebrate this journey and I've decided to go simple.  My very first blog post was a list of descriptors in an attempt to summarily say Who I Am. I thought I'd show you that post and then type a list of Who I am Today, in an effort to see where this journey has taken me. To do that I am copy/pasting the first list (blacked out so that I don't see it yet, then unblacking it after I've written my second list...just so I don't influence myself...lol)

Here is my list from February 7, 2010:

Who am I?
I am a married mother of two children.
I am a homeschooling mother.
I am a happily married woman.
I am a happy person, generally a positive person.
I am, what is often called, a "People Person".
I am a Midwesterner. We live in St. Louis and I have always lived within 30 miles of our home.
I am a birthmother.
I am an atheist.
I am a movie lover.
I love to read.
I enjoy my children tremendously.
I totally like my husband and am very entertained by him. He keeps me centered.
I am 46.
I am a freethinker.
I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican.
I am fairly Liberal.
I went to college for well over eight years.
I am a SAHM.
I am a small business owner.
I enjoy publishing small publications.
I am a family person.
I love jasmine tea.
I prefer veggies to fruits.
I am a raging insomniac.
I love the WWW.
I am a researcher by heart.
And an editor.
I will always find the misspellings and grammatical errors in the book!
I am a recovering sarcastic person.
I am becoming a better parent all of the time.
I dislike confrontation and debate completely.
I am respectful and interested in differing points of view.
I dislike being in a "box" and I am fairly immature about it!
I am a terrible cook.
I love watching my children in their various performing venues.
I love spring and fall.
I am a good swimmer.
I love history and science and...well, everything except for math.
Math is interesting but totally flummoxes me.
Love astronomy.  Jer and I are amateur astronomers.
I am addicted to RCT2.
I am a lover of language.

I'm Karen.

Here is today's list, January 20th, 2015:

I am a blogger.
I am a huge reader and researcher.
I love books.
I am a community builder.
I am the parent of two amazing teenagers.
I am a very happily married woman.
I think of myself as an Open Atheist On a Mission.
I love travel.
I am always longing for Brisbane.
This blog has helped me clarify so many things.
Three of my best friends are from other countries.
I am the stepmother of two amazing human beings.
I drive a Mom Van, though my daughter usually has it.
I an co host of a Youtube talk show on SecularTV.
Because of this blog I am a maker of memes.
I may be a bit too TMI and I have decided to remain so.
I enjoy poetry.
I truly believe in paying it forward, quietly.
My favorite singer is a teenager from Australia.
I have started decorating my home to reflect myself.
I have stopped drinking soda and tea as my primary beverage. (woo!)
I often eat meatless meals as a choice.
I have regular columns on two online atheist magazines.
I am a suburb girl.
I love the beach and the mountains, and all of Australia and New Zealand.
My sleep patterns truly suck.

I admire kindness, compassion, simplicity, quiet wisdom.
I take medication for blood pressure and depression.
I am a lover of language.
I am the host of an Atheist Parenting Blog Carnival.

I have reconnected with some great friends from childhood.
I like Facebook and Pinterest.
My children have banished me from Twitter and Instagram for their own privacy's sake.  (like I looked for them or something...!  lol)
I curse too much, my favorite word being "the f bomb".
I brush my teeth regularly and floss after every meal.
I drink about half a gallon of water every day...it just tastes delicious.
I would love gospel music best if it wasn't about god.
I'm a bit crafty and arty.
I love meeting new people and I enjoy learning about lives totally different from my own.  This might be my favorite thing.

Indulging myself...
Here are a bunch of pics and memes from over these 600 posts
 that I have either created or taken and that I love. 
Don't start or you'll be here for hours!

Atheism 101

THANK YOU for reading the musings of my heart
and for sharing this journey.
More to come.
Save yourself now!!!! 

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