Sunday, January 25, 2015

Unsupportive Non-Secular Family Members

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Special Invite to my friends here at My Own Mind blog

The Secular Parents: Sundays, 8pm CST/7pm ST: EP 2: Dealing With Non-Secular Family Members

We're diving into the deep end of secular parenting issues here on our second show at the SecularTV channel on Youtube and discussing the struggles of handling push back to our secular parenting lifestyle.

Think Grandma cornering the kids in the hallway to talk about the Lord and Hell...which is what happened to us a few times!  Don't do what I did! lol)

What do you think of our show's little icon thingy?

I hope you click this link to join us this Sunday evening and

For my post on Dealing With 
Unsupportive Non-Secular Family Members,

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