Thursday, February 12, 2015

Proud Momma Moment: My Daughter's Rant

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Elizabeth thinks of herself as very introverted ...and she can be. But these days she is really out there taking chances, making friends, opening up, and blossoming. 
I love it that she is hanging out with people from very different backgrounds and with very different ideals.

The other day she told me about a conversation she had on campus with a guy that she hangs out with, a guy named Allen. Allen was looking for the "cons" of homeschooling.  The exchange went something like this:

Elizabeth:  Why are you looking for the cons of homeschooling?
Allen:  Because my girlfriend is taking her seven-year-old son out of school again. This is the second time.
Elizabeth:  Why?
Allen:  Because he is getting bullied pretty bad again.

Elizabeth: I'm confused; why do you not want your girlfriend to take her little boy out of school?
Allen:  Because he needs to learn to stay and face up to his abusers.

Elizabeth:  No, he needs to learn that if someone is abusing you, you leave. Period.
Allen:  No, he needs to learn that you stay and fight.
Elizabeth:  No, this seven year old needs to learn that his mother hears him and is responding to his needs.

Allen:  No, you are wrong.
Elizabeth:  No, Allen. I promise you, you are wrong.

Allen:  You are a cute little girl; what do you know?
Elizabeth:  Huh?
Allen: You are just a cute little girl. What you have to say doesn't mean much to me.

Elizabeth:  Oh really, how about when I was helping you figure out how to fill out the job applications the other day? Did what I have to say mean something to you then?
Allen: I mean that men have better opinions.
Elizabeth:  Really?  Are you aware that you are talking to the biggest feminist on campus?
Allen:  OH, did the feminists put these ideas into your head?
Elizabeth:  Allen, you don't know me, but no one puts ideas into my head. My head is full of its own ideas.
Allen:  How cute you are.
Elizabeth: Never disrespect me again by suggesting that I am nothing but cute. I am strong and fierce and I have no interest in talking with a person who thinks like you do.  *Gets up and walks away. Comes home and tells me the ten thousand things she wishes she would have said.*

Don't worry, Elizabeth, there are more Allens in the world;
you will get to say all of that!

GO MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!

I have gotten negative comments on the pic
of Elizabeth flipping me off
(OR, as she says "Flicking me off")  ;)
What do you think of the pic?

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