Monday, January 30, 2012

How Lame?

How lame is my giveaway?
No one seems interested!  LOL


  1. Oh Karen it's not lame. My first giveaway I only had one entry! Big name blogs make this giveaway thing look so easy but they are usually giving away some big ticket items (so they gets LOTS of people, usually folks who have no interest in the blog itself). I've taken part in a giveaway (and won) where it was me and one other person and they were giving away two of the item. Which was great for me. :) I like winning. Look at it as a learning experience. Would you want to do it again? What would you want to giveaway? What would your readers be interested in? What can you afford? Can you find sponsors to host (cutting cost for you and allowing you to giveaway a big ticket item that might attract more traffic to your blog)? Do you even want a sponsor? This gives you lots to think about. I still have to finish out my blog giveaway series...I'm thinking something from Japan (maybe some blown glass or something). Don't know. I just see the giveaways as something fun to do when the mood strikes. ;)

  2. Thanks Rayven.
    What should I do, do you think? Just can the giveaway or what?
    I DID think it was fun, but now I'm feeling LAME!

  3. Whether you can it or not - do not feel lame! I just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it :-) As for the giveaway.... if you don't can it this is the comment 1, now to go read some more....


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