Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not-Back-to-School Party

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Today our homeschool group had an event at a local favorite family spot, the City Museum.  It is a unique play-and-learn MARVEL of a location for getting together with friends and hanging out.  The entire place is styled by architects who have no end to their creativity.  There is not a single inch of this place that doesn't show, in the minutest of detail, the talents of internationally acclaimed artist Bob Cassilly and his team.

Our group occupied the building from the first through the fourth floors and it was an amazing sight of kids enjoying themselves on materials salvaged from various building sites and other donated materials.

This place is the original STEAM PUNK fun spot!
We had some new families show up to see our group at it's best.

At one point, several of the moms and I were talking and the moms were saying that some of the other Christian homeschooling groups in the area refer to our homeschool group as "That Group", as though we were infamous for our dirty dealings or something...LOL.  We are secular as a group, but there are people who practice many different religions and creeds.  Atheists, Agnostic, Mormon, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Quaker, Pagan, and probably other creeds that I don't even know about.  It's a wonderful group that loves and accepts all people. 
That is why I found it interesting that our group is actually being spoken of by other groups.  I can't even remember other groups being discussed AT ALL in our group except for if a member had dual membership and is mentioning activities with other groups.  I guess I shouldn't be, but I am flabbergasted at the negativity.

Ah well, back to the fun of the day!

We had about 80 adults, teens, and children running through the mazes and secret tunnels, climbing the structures, inside and out, and enjoying the beauty, magnificence, and FUN of this great St. Louis attraction.

Oh, and we were celebrating our children NOT returning to school after the holidays...
a GREAT reason to celebrate!


  1. That looks like a fun way to launch 2012. I wonder why some of the folks in the Christian homeschooling group refer to y'all as "that group." Maybe someone's spreading a rumor that you celebrate Satanic rituals?

    1. *shrug*
      I don't know why they talk about us in such a way.
      Oh well. Unless they've check our group out, a person couldn't know about us...and this group is SOOOOOO neat!

  2. I belong to a "That Group" too! I'm actually a Catholic and have tried joining Christian and Catholic homeschooling groups in the past, but they just never meshed well with me. It seems once they found out that we didn't homeschool "to keep our kids away from the baaaaaaad kids in public school" we were cast off a bit. I won't say they were mean to me or anything, but I sure felt judged. While I respected their reasons for homeschooling, they didn't seem to respect my non-reasons. If that makes sense. I didn't start homeschooling to keep my kids "away" from others. I homeschool because I love my kids at home, and I love teaching them. It's FUN for me. I guess you could call my reasons selfish, but I homeschool because it brings ME joy and I love having my kids around. Call me crazy (many do!) but that's the simple truth :)

    I've been hooked up for a few years now with a non-secular homeschool group where there are all sorts of beliefs and non beliefs and I swear it's the best environment for both me and my kids. I can share what curriculum we are using without having to hear, " it's not a Christian based math book, then?" ((Ummm....NO. Since when is math religious?)) No judgement. Just a bunch of moms who love to teach their kids and have fun.

    1. It's terrific hearing from you, Katrina!

      What you said DOES make sense. We don't homeschool to get away from something, but to move towards something.
      Big difference!
      Happy Difference!

      Thanks so much for dropping by!

  3. Ah, we love the different homeschool groups around here, they all have their merits. I found, like you, however, that we just didn't quite fit into any one religious group, until we made a habit of getting together with friends who felt the same way. Now we have a regular, fabulous group of homeschoolers of all sorts, and open-minded and accepting to boot. I would not be homeschooling today without this great group of families.


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