Monday, January 16, 2012

You Live and You Learn...

In a previous post I talked about how we have plans to take January OFF and to do new things each day.
Didn't work!

Today we had the moment where we were disgusted with our own indolence and we decided to get cracking!  Everyone was excited and full of vibrancy after we decided to GET BUSY.

Immediately each child had a million things and plans and work that they were wanting to do.  I have to admit, I was a bit floored.  With total freedom and "permission" to do absolutely nothing, they prefer to be productive?

As I always say, being a homeschooling mom means to be learning forever!

I was proud of our conversation and I was proud of the kids' abilities to ask for what they want. And I am happy to be getting into the books again. I admit, I was feeling pretty crappy about how little we were doing. WHEW, I'm glad the feeling was mutual!

This evening I've been working on some projects that the kids wanted to work on. In the meantime, Jerry and Liz are out working on the set for the upcoming show! This is TECH WEEK and we are all busy with projects for the performance. I hope I remember to post some pictures of the dress she will be wearing.

The show is set in 1916 and we were having a heck of a time finding a formal dress for her to wear. Finally a friend loaned us a very pretty black lacy dress. I made about a dozen "upgrades" to the 1916 style. It's now STUNNING! I'll make sure to get some pictures and post them.

THANK YOU Patti Schneiderjohn for sharing your 1980's fashions with us!

And, tonight, John John has been dancing, martial artsing, bathing, and snacking. Just your basic night.

And, finally, last night I spent some time making my own personalized clip art for this blog. It was a blast and I made about a hundred of them. LOL
I hope they make my blog look SO MUCH more cool!


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  1. Isn't it weird how indolence isn't fun unless you're doing it when you shouldn't? :-D

    I love your art clip!


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