Monday, February 8, 2010

Sarah Palin, I just have to say it

I can't say that I am a completely politically minded person. I miss alot. I don't keep up with the reading/watching regularly. But I do keep my hand in things enough to have some strong opinions.
Lately, I'm actually SHOCKED that the Republicans see no better candidate to groom for the presidential race than Sarah Palin. So, I post this on Facebook and I am asked, "But, Karen! Why are you scared of Sarah Palin?"
My first response, Is something like, I'm not scared of Sarah Palin! I'm scared of a country that would consider ELECTING her.

Then, after some thought, I realized, HEY, I am scared of Sarah Palin. Here was my response on Facebook:

No, I take that back. I AM scared of Sarah Palin being considered/groomed for the republican presidential candidate. And here are a few reasons...
1. She has NO national political experience. NONE. Zero. She has a lukewarm track record in Alaska.
2. She has NO experience with foreign dignitaries. She is, currently, being schooled in what she should do.
3. She is, therefore, a puppet.
4. She is a creationist and wants that to be taught in science classes.
5. She is against basic human rights for gays and lesbians.
6. She does not believe that man's behavior is responsible for global warming.
7. She is ANTI-choice, doesn't even support birth control for married couples. OR for others. Just her general anti-reproductive freedom stance.
8. She speaks empty words and phrases and offers no actual input into conversations or questions.
9. She actually believes that humans and dinosaurs were alive at the same time!
10. She is GROSSLY unqualified for any leadership, local or national. Peel back what she is sound-biting, you will find NOTHING.

Is the Republican party so bereft of qualified leadership that she is seriously considered the top contender?
Now THAT is scary.

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  1. I think alot of it has to do with them trying to get out of the rich white stereotype that is causing their party to loss voters left and right. But in the process they aren't using commonsense and are losing even more moderate voters because of it. But it's not just with her, it is also with RNC chairman Steele who is black and tries way to hard to "act black". Instead of just addressing the problems with the RNC *like the sex scandels, the abuse of money and power, and well the list goes on* he gets on the tv and on radio shows and makes a fool of himself, dancing like a puppet for the RNC. Their black scapegoat and its disgusting. They are completely out of touch with women and people of color *black, brown, pink, whatever*. They are quickly becoming the party of crazied fundimentalist and for that I am thankful, because we may be able to get somewhere when people wake up to the insanity that has become the Republican party.


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