Sunday, July 18, 2010



To my dear, sweet daughter Elizabeth.
To day is Lindsey's birthday. A day that has always had multiple meanings for us in this family. A day when we think about and extend our love into the a place where we hope it can rest until called for...
What does this day mean to you, Elizabeth?
In your deepest heart, I find that you are loving , compassionate, and caring. It astonishes me to have your heart be large enough to care for me at this time, to long for what is not, and to know for certain that you are my heart of hearts.
This day (and, indeed, many days) used to be such agony for me. I thought I would never survive it... Now, these many years later, this day (and these days) can still bring the sting, the ghosts, and the regret.
And still, you, in your beauty and beautiful spirit find a way to be with me that is uniquely your own. Sensitive and sweet. Solid and full.
Elizabeth, my daughter.
I love you with such depth and such strength that I know of no words to describe it...
But I would still try, and take a SEVEN on the Scrabble board. Love.

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  1. Oh Karen that is so sweet. Your daughters are very lucky *even if one isn't with you*, you clearly love them both dearly.


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