Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Egg on my Facebook

I have some interesting ideas I want to share...but then I chicken out. The fact that some of my friends and acquaintances who are people of faith are actually reading my stuff on Facebook has come to my attention. Out of fear of offending I feel like I'm walking on eggshells. Mincing words. Biting my tongue.

Facebook is the community site. I mean EVERYBODY is there reading what EVERYBODY ELSE is writing. I often find great links, great sites, great quotes that I want to post on my Facebook page, but I don't.
I chicken out.

I SAY that I am "out" as an atheist, but when I think about what I do and do not post on Facebook, I realize that I am NOT out. And I'm bummed about this.

I have many friends and family on Facebook that happily post "Messages from God", "Let's pray for our pets today", and other nonsense and I don't have the courage to post my stuff.
It's embarrassing, my trepidation.

What, exactly, am I fearful of? My real friends and my family are completely aware that I am an atheist AND being an atheist is something that I am quite proud to be. (I mean, it was a long road getting here!) So what is it that stops me?

For one thing, Facebook is totally open. I find the posting of other people so annoying at times. Am I fearful of annoying people? No.  Not really. I don't post Mafia Wars or that Farm game. I don't post quizzes. I seldom repost/share from others. I'm a pretty innocuous poster.

Yes, I think this is it. I have a small business that is frequented by Christians and I fear losing their business...

Well, given that reason, it's fairly understandable. Right?

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  1. Do you have your personal account set to just friends only? If so then those who frequent your store can't view what you post on your private account, unless you invite them to join your list.

    I understand what you are saying though, if my father ever joined the world of FB *highly doubtful given his views on things like FB and privacy* I would think more about what I post. Mostly because I don't want to upset him.

    He accepts that The Spouse and I don't go to church or take the kids to church, but I keep Dawkins/Hitchens at bay when we talk. It would just cause problems where they aren't needed.

    Would I never post anything though? No, because that isn't me. I have my views and opinions and my FB is MY area to voice what I feel when I feel it.

    If people can't handle it then they need to figure out why they can't. The Spouse's aunt tried to cause problems when I posted some stuff. The Spouse and I were both like look you say you believe but you don't even attempt to live a good, wholesome life so don't try to start shit just because what I post is making you feel like a giant ass. And that was that.

    I look at it like this, if they can post their holier than thou BS then I can post my Dawkins videos and Sagan quotes...and well..all that other evil godless liberal stuff I share. LOL.


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